WOW Canada: Exploring This Land From Coast to Coast – A Book Review

Title: WOW Canada: Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast
Author: Vivien Bowers
Age Range: Grades 3-6


What could be more fun than a cross-country car trip with your parents and your younger sister? Twelve-year-old Guy can think of lots of things, but even he’s won over with this adventure. His family’s surprise-filled travels take them from one end of Canada to the other, even up to Nunavut, the newest territory. Curious but cool, Guy is the perfect narrator on this national odyssey. Honest, and often downright hilarious, his wry backseat observations, as well as those of his younger sister, Rachel, will be a hit with young readers. Their engaging tales will make this one car trip that anyone would want to take!

This rollicking, informative and absorbing discovery of Canada’s many splendors is a refreshing celebration of the country. Author Vivien Bowers has a keen sense of what appeals to young readers, and she turns up new information that captures the spirit of the many regions that make up Canada.


Are you wishing that you and your family could travel across Canada? Are you wanting to learn more about our beautiful country? How about having an “armchair trip” across Canada from the comfort of your living room?

Wow Canada: Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast is the next best thing to getting out and exploring our vast country. The book is set up for kids ages 8-12 (although my older kids and I also enjoyed it!)

Some of you might be familiar with the author’s other book, Hey Canada which is for ages 7-10. This book has more information and details but the same humour and engaging style. WOW Canada was written in the style of a travel journal by 11 year old Guy who is travelling with his family. They cross the country from west to east, starting in B.C. On each page, there are photographs and beautiful artwork in full colour. The book includes a section for each province and the territories, going into details like weather, wacky facts, food, major cities, landforms, animals, landscapes and history among other things. The book has a great mix of facts with enough humour to keep readers interested and enjoying what they read. The back of the book contains facts about Canada as a country, a Canada map, and facts about each province including the flags.

It’s not just me that believes this book is an awesome one to add to your collection! Wow Canada has won many awards. Wow Canada is the winner of the following: BC Book Prize
(Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Prize), Information Book Award (Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada), Red Cedar Book Award, Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award, and Best non-fiction children’s book of 1999 as rated by Quill & Quire magazine!

So what are you waiting for? I highly recommend getting a copy of this book. If I had to decide on my favourite resource for studying Canadian geography for ages 8-12, this would be it. It’s a wonderful book to help your kids better understand our country. Be prepared though- once you are done reading it, you and your kids will want to plan your own cross-Canada trip!


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