West Coast Wild: At Low Tide – A Book Review

Title: West Coast Wild At Low Tide 
Author: Deborah Hodge 
Illustrator: Karen Reczuch 
Grade level: Preschool-Grade 2 
Publisher: Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, 2022


Explore the wild shoreline of the majestic Pacific west coast and discover the spectacular array of colorful creatures living in rhythm with the tides.

At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, where land and sea meet, lies a narrow strip of beach called the intertidal zone. Endless tides move back and forth across the zone twice a day. A remarkable community of hardy shoreline creatures flourishes in this environment of ever-changing conditions. 

In this third book in the West Coast Wild series, readers will meet brightly colored sea stars, a giant Pacific octopus, busy hermit crabs, delicate sand dollars, fish that camouflage and other intriguing marine animals that a child might see on a beach walk at low tide. Author Deborah Hodge relates fascinating facts about each of the fourteen creatures, while Karen Reczuch’s vibrant watercolor illustrations bring the magnificent shoreline and its unique inhabitants to life.

Includes a note about the west coast intertidal zone and safety tips for beachcombers, as well as a further reading list.


Do you love non-fiction picture books with incredible artwork? Are your children interested in or currently studying the ocean, ocean animals, the Pacific west coast or British Columbia? This new book is well worth reading! West Coast Wild At Low Tide is a new book that features Canada’s Pacific west coast at low tide. 

West Coast Wild At Low Tide is a gorgeous picture book. Each two page spread is completely covered by vibrant, colourful artwork by the award-winning illustrator Karen Reczuch. Each illustration presents a different creature you might find on the Pacific west coast at low tide. 

I love the narrative non-fiction writing style which is such a pleasure to read out loud. Each two page spread features a different creature such as the ochre sea star, giant green anemone, giant pacific octopus, sand dollar, and more. The writing is very well done and tells a fascinating fact about each animal. 

At the end of the book there is more information about the west coast intertidal zone and a list of books and websites if you want to learn more. 

Although the recommended age group for this book is Preschool to Grade 2, I really think that older kids would enjoy this book as well. There are quite a few words on each page and the artwork would be a pleasure for anyone to view. 

I highly recommend this book if your children are curious about or learning about Canada, British Columbia, oceans, or ocean creatures! 

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I was given a copy of this book for the purpose of review. However, all opinions are my own.

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