Homeschool Art Lessons

If you were to ask me what one subject I haven’t really done with my kids in our homeschool, it would be easy to answer.


Although my inner self is an amazing artist, the creativity in my brain and heart hasn’t even gotten co-ordinated enough to come out in a tangible form. So, it’s one area I’m uncomfortable with. For a while, we tried going to a homeschool art class at the local art museum, and it was done very well, but it cost a lot – especially when it was for 3 kids. We just couldn’t afford to continue.

I’m scared to do art with my kids.

But, now that I’ve been realizing that my children seem to have more artistic flair than I have, I’ve been researching ideas for teaching art in our homeschool. There are some great books and programs you can purchase, but ideally, I’d like to aim for as free as possible so that we can save our money (maybe for products we need).

My other problem? I hate how messy art usually ends up making my kitchen. I have no idea how kids can end up with such messes when given free range on their creativity!

Just today I decided to put art on the plan. I pulled out watercolours, water, papertowels, and some paint brushes. Set up each kid with a space, and a piece of watercolour paper. Although I wanted them to make art based around still life (aka the apple in the middle of the table), they all went with their own ideas of what they wanted to paint. Colour abounded.

Art Collage


I joined in, but instead of watercolours, I worked on drawing that apple using pencil crayons. I’m so pleased with my own work, as well as the beautiful art from my kids.

Knowing that art is critical for their creative sides, I went looking for some free, online ideas on teaching art to my kids. There are so many products out there that are terrific art curriculums to purchase, but I am super excited that I managed to find a lot of curriculum and art ideas just surfing around the internet! There’s some amazing resources out there – from basics such as lines and colours to extremely detailed like how to draw eyes and art history.

I’ve even put it all together for you on a pinterest board! (Ok, I put it together for me to reference, but you can check it out too!).

Homeschool: Art board on Pinterest

What subject scares you in your homeschool? Do you do art with your kids? 


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