Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Toys

Toys are the quintessential gift for Christmas, but you can use it to help encourage learning and meaning instead of just another thing to add to the toy box. Here are some ideas of educational toys for kids.

Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Toys
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#1. Pathfinders Design and Technology: Canadian. This company specializes in wooden model kits. Designs include working hydraulics, good old-fashioned catapults, movable characters like dragons, and even recreating Leonardo DaVinci’s creations. Check out our review.

Where to Buy: Many educational stores carry this company’s products, or you can order straight from the company website,ย

#2.Wooden Knitting Tower. Learning to do some knitting is a great way to develop fine motor skills. These little wooden towers are a great way to start.


Where to Buy: Ava’s Appletree – a Canadian company. They have a lot of other natural and wooden toys as well – such as beeswax crayons, wooden weaving frames, and even tree slices for crafts.

#3. Bloco : Canadian. Building blocks made out of high-density foam. You can create all sorts of 3-D creatures and monsters by pushing small connectors between the pieces. There are a variety of different sets that you can mix and match: ogres, knights, dragons, dinosaurs, wild animals, reptiles, insects, pets, and more!


Where to Buy: You can buy many of their kits on Amazon.

#4. Straws & Connectors: Canadian.ย Created by Roylco, you can bring out the inner engineer in your child with this creative building set that uses a simple straw and connection idea to allow your child to build whatever they can imagine. From elaborate structures to 3D shapes to tunnels and arches. There are several options of sets that include different amounts of pieces – the smallest includes 185 and the largest over 700!


Where to Buy: Find their kits on Amazon, and many educational toy stores.

#5.ย Slap SHOTZ: Canadian. This toy takes the game of ball hockey and brings it to its knees. Instead of mini sticks, the paddles are actually plastic hockey blades that you hold onto. Helping kids with their physical activity and hockey skill development, these combine fun with unrealized learning.


Where to Buy: Many stores seem to carry them, but you can also buy them on Amazon.

ย #6. PrismLand: These are cutest 3D geometry shapes you will ever see! Get this collection of plush toys with a canvas bag, along with their little adventure books to help your child learn without even realizing it! Read my review. We still love these little characters.
Prismland Kit
Where to Buy: Get these directly from the Prismland Website.

#7. Model Rockets. Canadian. These are a terrific way to connect learning and fun – it involves physics and math and space and all kinds of excitement. We loved building model rockets and launching them. Check out our review.
Building Model Rockets
Where to Buy: Get everything you need from Canadian online store –

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  1. Oh my gosh my son, Mr. Reluctant Learner, LOVES Leonardo Da Vinci. He is always popping out these amazing facts – usually to do with Science – he blows me away every time. He’s like a 9 year old walking, talking encyclopedia. I can’t wait to really get his learning style. But toys or models?! And wooden?! And his favorite inventor?! He would flip over this Leonardo Da Vinci Trebuchet! Thank you for this opportunity, CanadianHomeschooler! I love what you’ve done here. I’m always looking for Canadian materials as well for our kids at play and homeschool.

  2. I think it would be a tie between the Pathfinders one and the slap shot. He is sooooo into hockey but loves building and seeing things fly!

  3. These are great ideas! May I also suggest that any Discovery Toys item would also fit under this category? And buying through a local consultant would keep money local,rather than giving it to big stores like Amazon.

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