Dear Canada Series

Dear Canada is a 26 volume series that presents moments of Canadian history through the eyes and diaries of fictional young girls from each time period.

Homeschooling mom, Alex, reports: “My nine year old is absolutely addicted to the ‘Dear Canada’ series of books.

There are books dealing with everything from the construction of the railroad, to the Spanish flu epidemic, to the Halifax explosion, to the early fishing settlements in Newfoundland, the expulsion of the Acadians, the refusal of Canada to accept Jewish refugees during WW2, and many more.

Dear Canada Series

Because the history is presented in the form of a story, from the perspective of a child, my daughter is retaining a surprising amount of history. And she’s just reading them for pleasure…no formalized “lesson” involved.”

If you want to expand on the learning aspect, you can also purchase teacher’s guides which provide extended learning on each topic, offer discussion questions, and present activities like creating job ads or trying to make your own homemade butter.

Scholastic’s Dear Canada website itself offers free recipes and crafts, an interactive timeline throughout Canadian history, outlines to write your own Dear Canada diary and more.


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