CEMC – Math from U. of Waterloo

CEMC - Math from UWaterloo

Looking for math resources? Well, have I found one for you! The Centre for Education of Mathematics and Computers from the University of Waterloo. This is one jammed packed resource site!

For Grade 4-6

Mathfrog.ca – an interactive math website which follows the curriculum expectations. Many of the games have follow-up exercises to reinforce the learning. Resources for parents and teachers. Making math fun.

Problems 4 the Web – Lesson plans and printables for grades 4-6. Things like Magic Squares, Wrong Numbers, Folding games, etc.

Grade 5-6

Emmy Koether Circles – Problem Solving Activities that compliment the math curriculum. Several Years of samples to choose from. This could be a great group math club program. Includes print outs of certificates of participation and merits.

Grade 6- up

Mathcircles.ca – Free enrichment nights at the University of Waterloo for kids in gr 6 – 12 on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm, specifically to work on how to succeed at math competitions. Also available is the “homework” list, which you can print off and work on independently.

Wiredmath.ca – a free website with online games to reinforce math skills in the Gr 7 – 9 range.

High School

Samples from Various Past Contests – which can be used for personal skills reinforcements, refreshers and challenges. (Please note: homeschooling students may not be eligible for math contests – they recommend emailing for more information, with the subject as “HomeSchool Inquiry”).  

For Parents/Teachers

Mathswap.ca – where teachers have shared ideas for lesson plans and activities for various math levels, from Gr 7 to 12.

Books and Materials

The catalogue has a varied selection of books – including Invitation to Mathematics workbooks, how to solve problems, high school level problem workbooks, and more.

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