The Canadian Food Guide

The various departments of the  Canadian government offer a huge selection of informative and educational materials to the general public. Some we are all mostly familiar with – such as the Canadian Food Guide, which I will feature right now.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to teach kids about proper eating habits. Thankfully, there is the Canadian Food guide, which helps to visually make nutrition understandable. You can download a copy or order a printed edition.

Canada's Food Guide

Health Canada also offers an Educator’s Resource booklet, which expands on the basics of each group and provides more in-depth information on the food groups and meal planning.

The website also provides a personalized guide activity, where you can input details on your age, gender and level of daily exercise  to receive a guide specifically designed for your needs.

A little digging around found me THIS lesson plan – which is designed for children in the Grade 1 to 3 range as they learn about food groups and the guide, even offering a printable food guide rainbow to track a day’s worth of food intake to measure their numbers and see how they match up to the expectations.

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