Hands-On Canadian History: The War of 1812

In 1812, America and Britain go to war, and Canada – being the closest British colony, is under attack. The War of 1812 begins. Heroes and heroines emerge from the battlefields.

Hands-On Canadian History: War of 1812

Important People of the War of 1812 Matching Puzzle Game

Although there are many amazing stories of these important contributors to the war that more or less seemed to have created Canadian nationalism, this matching activity only includes eight people: Sir Issac Brock, George Prevost, Tecumseh, Charles de Salaberry, James Fitzgibbon, Laura Secord, Enos Collins, and John Norton.

I wish images had been available to include more – like Richard Pierpoint, leader of an all-black militia known as the Coloured Corps, or Mary Henry who fed and tended soldiers in the middle of a battlefield. Unfortunately, the everyday person got little recognition of their valour at the time.

The goal of these cards is to cut them into 3 parts, then match the image with the name and their part in the war. An answer key is provided.

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