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I wanted to share with you a few websites that have Canada focused colouring sheets. Great for studies of our country (like The Canadian Adventure!), celebrating Canada Day, or even just for fun.



Props to Crayola for providing us with our own specific colouring sheets! Included in the collection are provincial sheets. These are terrific – summarizing the key features of each province: flag, map, bird, flower, etc. So cute! Others include a page for each of our past Prime Ministers – from John A. MacDonald to Stephen Harper – with a little summary for each. Also, the inevitable Maple Leaf, and a picture of Parliament Hill!

Colour Canada

This fantastic collection of free Canada focused colouring sheets here is HUGE – dividing up the pages into province by province, covering all sorts of things like maps and flags, but also landmarks, and common animals. There are also pictures for special days and events – like the Olympics and First Nations festivals. Great Resource!


From DLTK – this collection of images can be printed in black & white and have tracer words on the bottom. Things like snowflakes, scarves, maple leaves and more!

Flags, fireworks, parliament buildings, mounties, and animals. A great collection of pages.

Activity Village

Although these sheets are classified as “Canada Day” sheets – they have quite a few that are just general Canada – like some of our key animals, our flag, and our national sports! Of course, there are some fun pictures of fireworks as well!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your findings. I’m sure we’ll make use of the many wonderful colouring pages this coming ‘home schooling year’.

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