Between Shadows {Book Review}

BetweenShadows_HiResRecently released from Coteau Books is a book about a 12 year old boy named Ari who had been looking forward to spending a summer with his grandfather at his cabin, but whose plans all change when his grandfather dies – forcing him and his dad to meet up with his aunt to get the cabin ready to sell.

Ari meets up with some locals, learns more about the community his grandfather lived in, and even makes some friends.

When his grandfather’s will is read and Ari learns that he was given the property, he is excited. At least, until his father and aunt try to sell it. Then it’s time to figure out a plan.

Written for youth, the story is short, but enjoyable – a quick read with some interesting moments. I personally found it a little disjointed and wished I could have some of the story fleshed out more.

The brief glimpses of personal emotions as Ari and the adults in his life deal with grief were fantastic and I wish I could have seen that develop and resolve more. The same with the bonding between the father and son – some outstanding moments and yet so much that could have been added. Maybe it’s just that I appreciated these characters and felt invested in them – wanting to know more and learn more about them and their journeys.

I all but prayed that somehow Ari’s plans and pleading would help the family see they needed to keep the cabin, stay in the community, and find peace within themselves.

Between Shadows is a book worth reading.


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