10 Math Game Websites For Review

I love to think of different ways to make learning stick. One method is to use math game websites with bright, colourful activities and challenges. Here’s some of the sites we like to use when reviewing or practicing our math skills.

10 Free Math Game Websites for Review

1. Coolmath.com – A long-time site that’s very well-known, CoolMath is actually a huge series of connected websites that focus on various areas of math, learning, and other subjects. The main page targets the older student (fractions and up), and coolmath4kids.com targets the beginner to fractions age. These sites have lessons and activities to help explain concepts. Another whole website is filled with just math games and yet another for games that are specifically related to math at all! Fun, colourful, and easy to navigate – my kids spend a lot of time on these sites.

2. XtraMath.org – Not really focused on a game, but more on mastering math facts – this completely free site works to build on a child’s speed and memory skills by putting math questions on the screen and challenging the student to answer within a specific time frame – either by a countdown or by “competing” against the teacher.

3. Sheppard Software -This site isn’t exclusively math focused, but I love the math section (and so do my boys). The game selection is varied and fun – including the opportunity to play pac-man style math puzzles, driving monkeys, and shooting fruit. The skills included range from preschool number recognition to algebra.

4. Multiplication.com – Designed as a way to help parents / teachers actually teach their students multiplication, this is one site that combines both practical lessons with fun driven games. For example, students can listen in on various lessons to work through multiplication facts (fun things like stories to make the concepts stick, such as tree(3) x door(4) = elf (12)!). Fun games on the site range from pirate adventures to penguin treats to invading aliens. The neat thing is that they have made these games be available to different operations, so you can play the pirate adventure for addition instead.

5. Arcademic Skill Builders – This company’s website has a membership that allows adults to track how their students are doing, etc. However, you don’t have to subscribe in order to access many great games for both math and language subjects. Some of the math games include demolition division, rubber duck derby, and meteor multiplication.

6. PBSkids.org – Great for the preschool and kindergarten age group, this website includes many of the popular characters from the TV channel PBS – Sid the Science Kid, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, & Cat in the Hat, for example. Games cover a wide range of mathematical concepts: fractions, measurements, estimation, graphing, addition, and more.

7. fun4thebrain.com – Kids travel to the town of Murb, where they get to help out in the various shops and stores while practicing their math skills. There are some other games too – a plane and a pirate ship, for example.

8. ABCya.com Find interactive math games for PreK through Grade 6. Your child can learn just about everything from number lines through to fractions. The games are unique and engaging, keeping kids wanting to learn and play for longer.

9. Hooda Math – This website has some really creative and unique games: fraction poker, math find (like a word search), princess math, carpenter’s cut… a very fun site for math games! There are SO many more games than the number based ones too. Escape, logic, puzzles, words and more. My boys love this site, especially the HoodaMath Defense game.

10. Khan Academy – While this site isn’t exactly a “game” site, it’s fun for kids who are motivated by rewards and earning things for tasks. As students move through the lessons, they are challenged with a variety of quizzes and hands-on activities to work through – completing them gets them points and badges and awards. Khan Academy is a terrific resource for homeschoolers anywhere in the world.


  • A lot of times, games overlap on websites – meaning that games are not necessarily exclusive to a site. BUT – often there are enough variances to make each site valuable on its own!
  • Yes – these sites are US based, but with basic math skills (other than money), this isn’t really an issue.
  • Please make sure to be careful with the ads on each site. Since these sites are free, they usually need their ads to help generate income to keep their hosting and pay for their time. Just a warning – that’s all! 🙂 
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  1. We like ProdigyGame.com. Also free, but you can buy a membership for about $55/year that unlocks extra fun for the kids.

  2. Whatever you do dont use mathgames.com. THey are a scam who take your money then run. I wish i had googled their reviews sooner

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