At Our House - 2018-2019 Edition

People often want to know what our family is using , so I thought I'd make a page all about what we are using this year. I'm also including a list of some of our favourite resources and technology. Plus, a special page with information about things that make this website work!

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Our Curriculum Choices

People often wonder what we are going to be using for our homeschool curricula each year so I thought I'd share a list of our plans here.

Kid #1 - Grade 9

Kid #2 - Grade 7

Kid #3 - Grade 6

Kid #4 - Kindergarten

I will be using a classroom boxed curriculum for Kindergarten from Carson Dellosa that I bought used from a teacher many years ago. It covers all major areas of learning: language, writing, art, math, science, social studies, and more.

Kid #5 - Preschool

This kidlet won't be left out, so she will just be joining my kindergartener with no pressure or expectations. I might buy her some early learning workbooks at the dollar store or Walmart so she feels like she is "doing school."

  • Early Learning: My First School Book from Handwriting Without Tears
  • Bible: Arch Books and Crafts
  • Phys. Ed: YMCA Gym Class (or more just running the track and around the gym with me)
  • For Fun: Reading Eggs & Math Seeds



Tools We Use
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