Homeschool Methods: Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived around 1900. Her methodology of teaching focused on teaching the whole child – not just with academic facts, but also with habits and character development, living books, experiences in nature, communication, artists and composers, handwriting practice with a purpose, and more.

Homeschool Methods: Charlotte Mason
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This method is a parent-led approach that aims to fill a child with ideas as opposed to facts and data. Some of the key features of an education with this method are:

  • Nature Study – getting close to examine the natural world around them
  • Outside Time – as much outside time as possible, no matter the weather
  • Living Books – quality fiction and non-fiction literature that bring things (like history) to life
  • Habit Training – working on developing quality habits for everyday life
  • Copywriting – handwriting practice from pieces of quality literature
  • Short Lessons – allowing for better focus and variety in a day

One of her most popular quotes is, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

Curious about a day in the life of a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family?

Charlotte Mason Benefits

  • It focuses on the development of the whole child.
  • Using living books really helps children relate to what they are learning.
  • It allows for lots of childhood free time and exploration of personal interests.
  • Outside time and nature study are naturally built-in.
  • It can be a very relaxed, child-centred learning experience.

Charlotte Mason Disadvantages

  • It is a lot of reading – since it uses books for every subject and topic.
  • It can feel outdated since her methodology is from 100 years ago.
  • Being outside in all weather can be a con for some – inclement weather can make for uncomfortable outside time.
  • It can be a lot of parent-involvement, through read-alouds, listening to narration, providing explanations, etc.
  • Books can be costly and take up a lot of room, if you don’t have library access or would rather buy them to keep

Examples of Charlotte Mason Curriculum

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  1. Hello Lisa! My cousin used to homeschool for about four years, and I heard of Charlotte Mason from her. Now, Iā€™m making a report about her educational principles. And my research led me to your beautiful article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the topic. Iā€™m in the middle of completing my report, but I can already say that she created a significant educational revolution. But I wonder if her methodology can keep up with the emerging tech tools today.

    1. Welcome šŸ™‚
      Great thoughts. I wish I could offer some insight into Charlotte Mason in the modern world, but I think the idea is mostly to *not* be part of the tech world as long as possible. For better or worse.
      I hope you find some great resources in your research šŸ™‚

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