Did you know that across Canada there are certain locations that have been designated as “Historic Places” – usually with a plaque to commemorate the area?  Each spot has a special significance to the history of the local area.

Apparently over 20% of Canada’s historical places have already been wiped out across the country.

HistoricalPlaces.ca is working on the monumental task of compiling all the information available on each location across Canada that has been included in the Canadian Register of Historic Places. They have pictures – some historic and some recent. They’ve summed up the historical significance and all sorts of tidbits and facts (including architectural data!)

There is a search engine. Just type in the name of the area you want to look at and they will come up with a list of local places. Then you click on the name of the historic place to get more information. There is an advanced search too – where you can put in more detailed information (like “Stanley Park”) to narrow your search.

historic place is a structure, building, group of buildings, district, landscape, archaeological site or other place in Canada that has been formally recognized for its heritage value by an appropriate authority within a jurisdiction.

If there’s a place near you that needs nomination to be entered into the Canadian Register of Historic Places, this website tells you the steps needed to get that place nominated.

I found this site a great way to find local moments of history and unique places to visit. It would be great for a trip across country, or even just to have a day trip adventure in your own town.

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