Hands-On Canadian History: Canada’s Official Languages – French and English

Given the history of Canada with our roots in both French and British ancestry, it’s not surprising that our country has large communities of both French language and English language speakers. Throughout the years, there have been several conflicts between both cultures, but in 1969, Canada’s Official Languages Act made both languages equal in status, making Canada an officially bilingual country.

Hands On Canadian History: Our Official Languages Game

French – English Dominoes Game

Since we live in Canada, it is good to at least have the basic skills for the both French and English to be able to communicate.  This simple game helps teach five simple words:

  • Hello / Bonjour
  • Good bye / Au Revoir
  • Thank you / Merci
  • Yes / Oui
  • No / Non

The challenge of this game is to match French words to English words, like how you match the number of dots in a traditional dominoes game.

How to play:

  1. Print and cut out the domino tiles. (Using heavy paper might make it easier to play. You can also laminate the tiles to keep them longer.)
  2. Each player gets 5 tiles to start. Make a pile of the remaining tiles and flip the top one to be the start tile.
  3. Taking turns, make matches with the French and English words.  If you cannot go or you use a tile, pick up a tile from the unused pile until they are all gone.
  4. The winner is the person who uses up all their tiles first.

Keep playing until you have mastered some of the words for both of Canada’s official languages. Then you can start adding in more words of your own! I also have a French-English Vocab Card set in my store. 

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