Canadian Homeschool Laws: PEI

chslawspei“Cradled on the waves” of the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island is the smallest and most beautiful province in our country (I’m a little biased). Not only is it a great place to live, it is also a great place to homeschool. Why is that? Homeschoolers enjoy a huge amount of freedom when they choose to educate their children at home. There is no requirement to report back to the provincial government. All the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development asks is that you submit a simple form called “Notice of Parent’s Intention to Home School” (available on their website in the “Forms” sections) stating that you intend to homeschool your children. You are completely responsible for all curriculum, record keeping, and testing. (The PEI School Act is available online if you wish to read it: )

You can, however, choose to use the provincial curriculum. Contact the Department for more information on that ( is the Department’s website). However, most homeschoolers prefer to use one of the multitudes of curricula available that complements their lifestyle, philosophy, and moral/religious beliefs.

There are currently somewhere around 80 families involved in homeschooling here on the Island. PEI ( is a website run by and for home educators on PEI. This site is partly for members only (for reasons of privacy) and partly open to the general public. There are also two main homeschool support groups. The “Charlotte Mason” group meets to discuss the educational philosophy and methods of Charlotte Mason, a British educator. The “MOTH” (Managers Of Their Homes) group exists to discuss various topics relating to home education such as organising, encouragement for the tough times, teaching French, and sharing helpful books and materials.

There are always lots of activities going on in the homeschool community: sports like swimming and skating, ceilidhs (kitchen parties) and other musical events, outings to farms, sugar bushes and cultural centres, and much more.

I am blessed to live in this province where home education is a relatively straightforward venture and where there is a vibrant community of like-minded people to support you. Homeschooling on Prince Edward Island is an exciting opportunity and a privilege!

Complied by: Jacqueline MacGregor

Jacqueline MacGregor lives near Montague in eastern Prince Edward Island with her husband Robbie, their two children (who are both educated at home), and a Netherlands Miniature rabbit named Euphemia. She enjoys making cards, baking, reading, and gardening. She also writes about homeschooling, crafts, faith and family on her blog, Wonderfully Eclectic ( ).

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