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Answering Homeschool Questions: In the voice of homeschool students

I love homeschooling and I love talking about it. Over the 9+ years I have been homeschooling, I have been asked many questions. I do notice that sometimes people want to know what the children think of homeschooling, and yet, they won’t ask the children themselves.

So I sat down with my two children and asked them if they would mind sharing their personal thoughts on the whole thing, by answering some questions for me. They said “YES!” – keep reading to find out what they really think of homeschooling.


About the students:

First, let me introduce you to my two monkeys!

My two children have always been homeschooled, they are both currently in “Middle School”. They are doing some classes online, some from workbooks and some from life in general. We love to read and spend a lot of time at the local library, playgrounds and parks.

Dewi is 12 years old. She is currently doing Grade 7 and is my artistic child. She has an interest in trying many new things and is currently creating a drawing challenge. She loves being outside, animals, and can often be found curled up with a good book and our dog, Max.

C is 14 years old and currently doing Grade 8. He is my logical, talkative child. He is interested in programming, PhotoShop, and reading. He is also currently writing, editing and creating the graphics for a book. He loves Football (NFL), being outside, and mountain biking. If you go looking for him, he is probably at the computer working or in his room researching on his tablet.


Since they agreed to answer some questions for me, I chose interview style because they are more likely to share their thoughts this way. Please Enjoy!

(These questions were provided by Lisa Marie, from The Canadian Homeschooler, in the form of a survey. I asked them ones relevant to them. )

Question 1: What is the best thing about being homeschooled?

Dewi: I feel it is the freedom of being able to choose what classes you do, in what order you do them in, and being able to do them at my own pace. I also love the silence.

C: I like the customizability of the courses, and I like the fact that you get one on one with the teacher.


Question 2: What is the worse thing about being homeschooled?

Dewi: The fact your parent is your teacher.

C: It is easier to get distracted because there is more freedom.


Question 3: What is the hardest thing about being homeschooled?

D-I hate keeping records and recording grades. It is a pain.

C- We have a really flexible schedule so finding the time to do school is hard.


Question 4: What do you wish other people knew about homeschoolers?

Dewi: That we do have social lives.

C: That homeschooling is just as educational in most cases as public school. And even though you didn’t ask, the most annoying thing about being homeschooled is when you go in a public place during “school hours”. Then you get asked why you not in school, and you say you are homeschooled. Those that don’t like homeschooling voice their opinion and you can’t really avoid that.


As you can see homeschooled children have things they like and dislike about homeschooling-just like any other child and school. Or parents and work for that matter.

I hope you enjoyed this little Q & A with my two monkeys as much as I did.

I want to thank Lisa Marie for these great questions and the best part for this homeschooling mom is that had I asked these questions myself, I probably wouldn’t have gotten answers. 😉 It was really neat to get an idea of what they liked and were not too crazy about.

JenPracticalByDefaultHi, I’m Jen. I’m a 30+ crazy married momma of two, homeschooling, working and living life! Between homeschooling and working outside the home, you can find me curled up with a good book or cooking in the kitchen. Read more about me!


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  • by Jen @Practical, By Default Posted May 6, 2016 7:12 am

    Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for having me and allowing me to share what my children think of homeschooling 🙂

    • by LisaMarie Posted May 6, 2016 7:55 am

      Thanks to your kids and you for sharing! 🙂

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