Maple Syrup

It’s that time of year again – when the sap starts moving and it’s time to get collecting. Maple Syrup is a Canadian icon and a tasty part of our identity!

maple syrup

Maple Syrup Production/Information (available in both French and in English). This website also has a lot of information and photos, a recipe booklet, nutritional and glycemic information about maple syrup and more, plus more about the Maple industry.

Maple Syrup: A Sweet Lesson from the First Nations 

A Trip Through a Vermont Sugar House

Lesson Plans & Printables – lessons and activities for Grades 1 through 9. This website also has lots of information on the maple industry and production and a list of Ontario Maple Farms and festivals. [sadly, it looks like they’ve removed most of the lessons off the website but I managed to find them off site!] Grade 2Grade 5  | Grade 6

From Stats Canada: Tapping the Manitoba Maple

Activity Sheets & Crossword Puzzle from Sugarbush Maple Syrup Fest

Maple Syrup Song from Alexis Swire

Maple syrup printable worksheets – puzzles, colouring sheets, games, and activities

Homeschool Share lesson plans, lapbooks and other maple syrup goodies (Not specifically Canadian but very useful!)

Exploring Maple Syrup – a lesson plan based on the book Sugarbush Spring.

Maple Syrup Production Lesson Plan – K-3 adaptable.

History of Maple Syrup  – K-3 Adaptable

CBC ESL Maple Syrup lessons

Maple Syrup Printables – reference sheets outlining production steps and results

tapMedia Presentations

Video: (also available in French)

Video: CBC – Canadian Maple Syrup TV presentation from 1978.

Video: Syrup: A Heritage Minute

Video: Maple Syrup in Ohio State Parks

Powerpoint presentations:  Quebec Maple

Sap to Syrup – a backyard syrup documentary

Make Your Own! – easy instructions

Step-by-step Instructions – a little hard to follow due to formatting issues, but Very informative!

Other Maple Treats

Maple Snow Candy

Maple Sugar Candy

Maple Fudge


Nova Scotia / Ontario / Quebec



Maple Syrup — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you SO much for all these great resources! We visited a sugar maple bush on Saturday and the kids are loving the follow-up activities here. We have never really done a unit study type of format before… but I think I will after seeing how much they are enjoying doing the worksheets!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Hello.
    I was sent your website and would like to inform you that we produced a Maple Syrup Documentary called Sap To Syrup. It was a Semi Finalist in a Christian Film Festival this year. Would you be interested in this product? It was produce by our family of 10 on Prince Edward island. Go to Thanks Marlowe Wood

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