The Kids Book of Canada: A Great Quick Reference Resource

An image of the cover from the book The Kids Book of Canada which includes illustrations of various people and landmards of Canada - like bonhomme, Terry Fox, a  Canada Goose, and Inukshuk, etc overtop of a green Canada map.

Title: The Kids Book of Canada
Author: Barbara Greenwood 
Published: 2007 by Kids Can Press Ltd. 
Age Range: 8-12 
Book type: Non-fiction resource 
Subject: Geography and History


Finally, the premier children’s resource on Canada is available in a fully revised paperback edition — bringing up to date this bestselling treasury of information that has long been an essential book for schools, libraries and homes from coast to coast.

Ten years after its debut, this title in the acclaimed Kids Book of series is more than ever an indispensable tool for researching school projects or a conversation piece for sharing Canadian facts with friends and family. Bursting with rich and detailed illustrations, this book is as far-ranging, fascinating and full of surprises as the country it describes.

Inside you’ll find
? colorful maps of the provinces and territories showing major cities, rivers, mountains and points of interest.
? the provincial and territorial coat of arms, flowers, birds and trees.
? details of famous Canadians and important events, plus a time line to guide you through each province’s and territory’s history.
? current information on Canada’s growing industries and evolving environmental challenges.
? updated references to the Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.


In your search for Canadian homeschooling resources, have you wanted to find a book for kids that gives an overview of our country, divided into each province and territory? The Kids Book of Canada is a comprehensive resource for elementary students to learn about Canada. The book starts off with an overall look about the country’s population, coat of arms, flag and regions. Following that is a timeline of Canada’s history and a discussion of the people, places and events that have shaped our country. The rest of the book is divided up into each province and territory. 

Each province and territory has 4 colourful pages containing details such as the flag, cities, capital, date when they joined Canada, a history timeline, famous people, places, events, points of interest, main industries and more. Each province and territory includes a large map highlighting key features such as major cities, lakes and rivers. There is also a small map which highlights where the province or territory is located within Canada. 

Because it was last revised in 2007, facts about things such as populations are out of date. However, this information is easily looked up online, and could lead to discussions about how and why populations change over time. As long as you have the 2007 copy, Nunavut is included. Hopefully it will be updated again soon!

The Kids Book of Canada has been a great resource in our homeschool. We can quickly look up information to answer a question, find information for a research project or read along for interest’s sake and take in the full colour illustrations. I really like how the information is enough, yet not overwhelming. The words are broken up by the colour illustrations which show pictures including maps, animals, points of interest, people and more. The map of each province and territory also has illustrations, which is a great way to show what it might look like or what you might find there. The book is very colourful, well organised, and easy to use. I think every Canadian homeschool family with elementary-aged kids should have a copy of The Kids Book of Canada on their bookshelf!

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