Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote: A Book Review

The cover of the book Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote

Title: Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote
Author: Susan Hughes
Illustrator: Meags Fitzgerald
Publisher: TEACH Magazine, 2017
Age Range: Grades 4-8

Book Summary

Read about the epic struggles, the years of hard work and perseverance and the prejudice women faced fighting for the most important, basic, democratic right–to vote.

Thoughts About the book Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote by Susan Hughes

Have you ever seen a graphic novel? The first time I saw one I was impressed. If you’re not familiar with it, graphic novels are written in a style similar to a comic book. Graphic novels are a great way to engage both eager and reluctant readers! Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote by Susan Hughes is a graphic novel documenting this important part of Canadian history!

The book begins with a modern-day conversation between a group of adults and teens who are discussing reasons why voting is important. It leads into a discussion about female ancestors who fought for the right to vote and the history of Canadian women’s right to vote.

The book is divided into several sections- a section that explains the background behind women’s right to vote, as well as several sections about key figures and events in the women’s suffrage movement. Another section covers the lesser known facts about the delay in the right to vote for women of colour and Indigenous women. Lastly, the book encourages voting and it’s importance.

I really like the way that the author uses a discussion between modern day youth and adults at the beginning, end and throughout the book. The way that the author connects these modern day characters to their ancestors makes the book very engaging and relatable. Readers will wonder about their own female ancestors- when were they allowed to vote? Were they part of the fight to gain the women’s right to vote?

I recommend checking out the book Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote by Susan Hughes. The graphic novel format is a nice change from regular history novels and textbooks. The artwork inside is well done and the information is presented in a relatable way. This book will teach your children not only the history of voting in Canada but also the reason why voting is still important today.

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Although a copy of this book was given to me for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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