School Spaces

Want to take a glimpse into the school rooms of other homeschoolers? Here’s your chance to take a tour. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share insight into the spaces they do their schooling.

Homeschool Spaces
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Bonnie – Our Homeschool Room

Our homeschool room is our dining room. When it’s time for school, we just pull out books and sit down to work, then clear them off later to have lunch or supper.

Alison – Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom

We don’t have a “schoolroom”. You can walk through every room in my home, and you will not see any alphabet posters, 100’s charts, or “learning centres”. It’s quite possible that a complete stranger could take a walk through my home and not even know that we homeschool! It’s pretty important to me that our home look like, well, a home. I’ve not once in my life felt comfortable or at home in a classroom, so why would I want one in my home? So, if we don’t have a school room, where do we homeschool? And how do we keep our house from looking like a school or being overrun with art supplies, books and other clutter?

Ana – 7 Tricks to Organize Your Homeschool in Your Dining Room

Hey, friends! Today I want to show you how to organize your homeschool space in your dining room without having your dining room looking like a full classroom! Tomorrow I will show you how I organized our homeschool resources in our living room. So don’t miss part 2 of this blog post coming up! Welcome to our home and to our homeschool space, after all, our HOMEschool happens where life happens the most in our home daily, in our living space! I will start showing you how we organize our homeschool resources around our dining room table because this is where we spend most of our learning time at.  For more ideas on homeschool organization, check out our 10 Days of Homeschool Organization Ideas blog party at!

Jennifer – How to Organize Your Small Homeschool Space

Is your home too small for a separate homeschool room? Here’s my list and photos of homeschool organization tips for the small homeschool space.

 Annette – Where We School – Homeschooling Spaces

The new school is almost upon us! I know, I know.. only a week to prepare, man, I feel like I am running out of time to get things ready and moving forward. As I think about getting ready for school, some of what I think on requires doing some cleaning and rearranging, and then I need to think about how we do school in our house. Perhaps you do the same thing as you prepare?

Andrea – Our Homeschool Space…or…Look How Messy We Really Are!

Find a space that works for you. And if it isn’t completely picture perfect on the first day of school? Don’t worry about it. It will eventually come together.

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5 thoughts on “School Spaces”

  1. Jennifer | Deliberate Homeschooling

    This is great! I love the variety of spaces and organization strategies shared here.
    Thanks for including our homeschool “space” too!
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. This was nice to read! I have often wondered whether other homeschooling families just use the dining room table like we do. We bought our daughter a desk when she was about 9, but she didn’t like being reminded of schoolwork when she was in her room, so the desk migrated to the living/dining room, where I now use it, and she happily does her work at the table – with free time in her room to change her mind entirely! (Friendly note: I am the author of Canadian Winter Homeschool Materials, based in Montreal, and available at Or visit Best wishes for a happy homeschool year!

  3. I homeschool without a classroom too. We do have a large basement but it doesn’t have windows so we homeschool upstairs where we have super large and bright windows. I love the ideas you guys have. We do our work at the dining room table too and have plastic drawers and 1 wooden cupboard that holds most of our homeschooling books and manipulatives. We too collect books like crazy. I definitely need more bookshelves. I try to use all our corners, and areas for stuff. I don’t mind tacking maps to our walls. If nothing else it is a conversation piece. The kids always refer to the maps (our province) as well. Love the ideas. Thank you fellow Canadians!

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