PLAYSAFE: Don’t Let It Happen to You

Summer is here and we are all enjoying the chance to get busy outdoors. Although we try to be diligent and teach our kids to be safe, we can’t put them in  a bubble forever. It’s important for them to recognize the dangers around them on their own.

That’s why I’m sharing a Special Safety Message From The War Amps.

Members of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, who lost limbs in accidents, are warning kids to spot the danger before they play in a new War Amps video, PLAYSAFE: Don’t Let It Happen to You.

In the video, eight young amputees share their stories about how they lost their limbs while at play, and stress the importance of staying away from “mean machines” like lawn mowers, trains, boats, cars and farm equipment. They use their experiences to pass on an essential and possibly life-saving lesson to other children – PLAYSAFE!

At the age of 4, Rebecca was standing up in a dinghy when it hit a big wave. She fell overboard and the motor injured her leg. Neveah was visiting a farm one day and wanted to help by riding on a lawn tractor. She fell off and her right leg got caught in the blades.

“Whether you’re near, in or on the water, it’s good to stay alert. Accidents happen when you least expect it,” says Rebecca. “I wouldn’t want someone else to get hurt. It’s very important to  PLAYSAFE and be cautious,” explains Neveah.

PlaySafe: Don't Let It Happen To You
Rebecca and Neveah warn kids to spot the danger before they play in a new War Amps video.

Mark, a graduate of the CHAMP Program, echoes this message as he too knows the consequences of unsafe play. When he was seven years old, grain was being unloaded from a truck on his family’s Prince Edward Island farm. Always keen to help, Mark noticed the grain was not flowing to the auger properly, so he gave it a little push. He put his hand too far in, however, and it got caught in the auger.

“Although being an amputee has not stopped me from living a full and active life, it’s always been important to me to share the story of my accident in the hope of preventing even just one child from a similar fate,” said Mark. “The Champs in this video feel the same way and it’s great that they will get this message out to so many kids across the country.”

Mark lost his arm in a farm accident and warns kids to PLAYSAFE.

The PLAYSAFE™ Program is a unique kids-to-kids approach to child safety. “We believe that no one is better qualified to deliver the safety message than amputees who know what it is like to lose a limb in an accident,” said Rob Larman, Director of The War Amps PLAYSAFE/DRIVESAFE Program.

PLAYSAFE: Don’t Let It Happen to You is a valuable resource for families, educators, and community groups. It can be viewed free-of-charge online at

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