Our Canadian Girl Series

A fictional historic series specifically written for girls between the ages of 8 and 12, Our Canadian Girls books follow the lives of various girls as they grow up in Canada’s past.
Meet Margit – a Czechoslovakian Jew who has become a Canadian refugee during WWII. Or Rachel, a black slave who escapes to freedom. Or Ellen, who is living in the middle of the Depression.
Our Canadian Girl

These books are a “really fun way for the kids to relate to history because they are identifying with the characters.” When kids get caught up in history through fiction, they are better able to remember details.
After reading the stories, you can visit the Our Canadian Girls website, where you can find our more about each author, each time period and character. Several of the books have in-depth teacher’s guides, which offer chapter by chapter discussion questions and journal prompts and how to expand the book into other areas of the curriculum for extended learning.

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