Mix It Up {Book Review}

mixitupRenowned French author, Hervé Tullet, has released a fun new children’s book here in North America. This book is called Mix It Up!and is a hands-on kind of book that teaches kids all about colours.

It starts with a little gray dot of paint in the middle of the page with the simple instruction to “tap that gray spot. Just a little, to see what happens.” Then you flip the page and see what you’ve done. (In this case, you’ve encouraged the arrival of several other colour dots of paint to start sneaking onto the page!)

Each page has you do a task to discover something new – like mixing paint colours, adding white or black to colours, shaking or smooshing or tilting the book. This kind of action for a book makes it fun and really unique.

This book is best for the preschool age range, I would think – although both my 1½ year old and my 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved that they were “controlling” the paint – whereas I love that it teaches kids about colours and how they are made without having to get messy!

A great addition to your art book collection. Thanks to Raincoast Books for helping bring it to Canada.

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