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What is it? Easter games and activities by Egglo Entertainment
Who is it for? Usable by any ages, but aimed for 4 to 13 years old
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Easter is coming! Do you do an egg hunt with your kids? I invite you to check out these fun glowing eggs from Egglo Entertainment.

Egglo Entertainment - Glow in the Dark Eggs

Egglo Entertainment is a Christian company, who aims to teach children about the Christian meaning of Easter – Jesus – through a fun program and products that kids will be interested in. 

A package of glow-in-the-dark eggs comes with 12 complete eggs in 4 different colours: pink, green, yellow, and blue. They are etched with a cross symbol, and open on the vertical edges instead of split in the middle horizontally. The plastic is very good quality, strong and durable. (I laughed when watching the short video clip they have on their website that examines if Egglo eggs can hold up to a 7 year old boy! It makes me wonder if possibly I’m not the only mom with kids who break things!)

In order to glow, they need to be charged up – preferably with direct, bright sunlight for 20+ minutes or 40+ minutes under a florescent light or black light. We found that the yellow and green ones glow the best. Once charged, they will keep their glow for an hour or so, fading quickly once the charge starts to wear out.

My kids love anything that glows, so the moment these eggs arrived they each had one held up to the bathroom lights before I realized it. There’s just something fun about things that glow. These are no exception. 

These eggs are a terrific way to make things… FUN! For example, one night, I filled up the eggs with some cute mini-scrolls that had Bible verses on them that you can also get from the company. Then I stuck the eggs in a container, tilted towards the sunlight and prepped the house for a hunt. I drew closed all the blinds upstairs, turned out the lights and hid the eggs around their bedrooms in the darkest spaces. You’d think they were getting a million dollars, the way that my boys were so excited to hunt for them. It didn’t take long and we had all the eggs found, and were sitting on the floor in the living room, reading out the Bible verses that were inside.

I can see some great ideas for these eggs outside the traditional Easter event. Learning activities like filling the eggs with spelling words, a scavenger hunt, math questions, memory work – the ideas are endless. (I’m sure Pinterest has a lot of ideas on using Easter Eggs for a learning tool too!) Plus, they make great “nightlights” for kids who are scared of the dark.

Egglo Review

The company also has an adventure storybook about a group of 3 siblings, prone to the usual squabbling and bickering, who end up on a mysterious journey through various places like Egypt and under the sea looking for glowing Easter eggs. Along the way they learn about Bible, the values of things like humility and courage, and about the light of Jesus. The book is full of amazingly well-done illustrations which really do a great job at capturing the story. However, the book itself was just way too much for my kids. Although presented like a picture book, there were so many words that even *I* felt overwhelmed. They lost interest quickly. If your kids are able to listen to a story, they also offer it as an audio read-a-long.

One other product is the Program Guide (sometimes referred to as a curriculum). Intended for church or other small groups, this book has suggestions for a full night event, including printable invitations, snacks, devotion, object lessons, activities, an egg hunt, colouring pages, and stories. I ended up just reading through it, but didn’t have a group to really try it with.

My boys’ thoughts? The Eggs are a lot of fun. We love them. 

Just a note. I went to the website to see how much it would cost to ship to Canada, and there is no option to ship here at the time of this post. I contacted the vendor to find out if it’s possible and she assures me that they CAN ship north, however, the shipping costs are going to be $20-$25. 

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  • by MultiTestingMom Posted March 13, 2014 1:29 pm

    I love how they have glow in the dark Easter eggs – how cool are those?!

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