Alaina is a Mom of 4 with 14+years homeschool experience. She joined the Canadian Homeschooler Team in 2020. Alaina has a background in outdoor and nature learning and experience homeschooling through the ups and downs of life. She strives to encourage the homeschool community with resources, support and being real.

When she’s not busy homeschooling or working on something for The Canadian Homeschooler, Alaina enjoys reading, exploring nature, and spending time being active in the outdoors.


My name is Alaina. I'm a busy Mom of 4. I've been homeschooling for 14 years.

We started homeschooling when my oldest was the age to start junior kindergarten because we thought it was too young to send her off to school all day, and we wanted more time to lay a foundation to teach our family values. Although, originally, I was just going to homeschool for a few years, we kept going to support the different struggles and needs of my kids.

I have experience homeschooling multiple kids, homeschooling different ages, homeschooling with chronic health problems and homeschooling kids with various struggles. I also have experience helping run my local homeschool group.

It is my hope that whatever I write encourages and helps other homeschool parents.