Young Builder’s Tool Set from Montessori Services

kidwithtoolkitOne of the great things about homeschooling is that we have the opportunity to expand and develop on interests that our kids show more fully. Since many of the “extra” programs have been cut from the public school system, lessons like home ec and woodworking are no longer something that kids get a chance to experience in school. But when our kids at home want to learn how to use tools, we can do that!

My (just-about) 7 year old has decided that when he grows up he wants to be a worker man (aka construction worker). He’s fascinated by all things tool related, talks non-stop about his experience when he gets bigger, and loves to watch HGTV with us. When we were walking through a store and he saw the orange safety vests, he all but pleaded with me to get him one – even though they only had size huge! I talked him down. The other day, I found him washing out his art toolkit because he’d decided that he was going to save it for a tool box and wanted to start saving up for his own tools.

In the past, I’ve taken the boys outside with Daddy’s big hammers and screwdrivers with a bucket of nails and screws and let them mangle some extra chunks of wood laying around. But heavy, large hammers are rather unwieldy for little hands, making this task rather challenging.

Imagine my excitement when I found Montessori Services – a company devoted to supplying Montessori schools and homes with quality, hands-on, real, kid-sized products – and their amazing Young Builders’ Tool Set! They sent me one for my son so I could review and share it with you.

Kid Size Tool Set from Montessori Services

My first thought when I opened the box? OH MAN! IT’S SO CUTE!!!

Now, I’m not sure if technically “cute” is an acceptable word for tools, but the reason I said that is because each of the tools included is a perfectly miniaturized, working version of the grown up tools! It’s like someone took a shrink machine and made Daddy’s tools kid-sized. It’s perfect. The products are quality too. I recognize the names of some of the tools – like Fiskar and Olympic.


Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the set includes:

  • a toolbox
  • a measuring tape
  • safety glasses
  • a level
  • a hand saw
  • a hand drill
  • a hammer
  • a sandpaper box

Since giving this to my son, he has been so passionate about being able to use his very own tools. We have taken woodworking books out of the library and combed through the free “junk” piles at Home Depot – which allowed us to build a workbench/LEGO table together. Every time Daddy pulls out his tools, so does the kidlet. He LOVES his tools.

Montessori Services has a huge online store, including other practical life tools for things like cleaning and gardening, school kits for science, math, geography and more, as well as art supplies and musical instruments. You just have to check out their site for everything they offer!

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  1. Eddie - The Usual Mayhem

    I drool over theirs stuff all the time! I especially love the child-sized conga drum – it’d be a big hit around here!

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