WWII Secret Agents in France Lesson by Donna Ward

World War II - A short lesson for Remembrance DayAs we prepare for Remembrance Day, teaching kids about the unique experiences of the soldiers and families during this time can be both amazing and also completely overwhelming.

Donna Ward has recently released a new short resource to help with these lessons. Designed for students ages 8 – 12, but with some additional suggestions for older kids,  the WWII Secret agents in France shares two stories from the war. The first, a set of two French men from Canada who snuck into France to gather Intel,  the second a family who hid Jewish members of their community from the Germans. It also  challenges students to think about the ethical dilemmas presented by the war.
Offering a fun activity of writing secret codes to decipher, this quick lesson is a great way to introduce and get thinking about the World War.
You can get this resource in print, as a digital download, or even as part of a Remembrance Day bundle which also includes some historical fiction stories and some non-fiction resource books.

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