Ukloo Riddle Edition

Ukloo is a scavenger hunt learn-to-read game that involves cards with clues to lead you to the next spot. There are two different versions of the game. The first is the Original Ukloo – which is for beginning readers. The clues are easy words and short phrases. The other is the Riddle Edition, which is designed for kids ages 7+ who are much more confident in their reading and problem solving skills. The clues are much more elaborate and involve solving the clue to figure out where the next card is hidden.

“Morning goodness in a box of crunch.”~Level 1

Like the original version, this box includes 3 different levels of cards progressing in difficulty. In total, there are 75 cards to choose from. Some of them really took some thinking to solve! But don’t worry, there’s a book for parents that offer additional clues and even a secret coded (you need a mirror) answer for each in case you get stuck.

“Tools of the table, used every day,
to spear or scoop in a mannerly way.” ~Level 2

Also in the box are some blank cards so you can make clues yourself, unique to your location and child. The booklet included offers some great tips on how to develop your own clues. You’ll also find a stack of SURPRISE cards. These are what you use at the end of the hunt as the prize. If your child is happy enough just to find the card, use it that way! If you want to use it to award them with an actual prize, you can write a clue on the back for them to figure out.

Ukloo Riddle Edition

“I have a face with no eyes or nose.
My hands move but never close.” ~Level 3

My boys had a great time with this game. My oldest found the game and decided to set up the challenge for his younger brothers. I kind of found it funny that in the middle of the game, he stopped and commented, “This game is really good practice for reading.” I guess he’s caught on! 😉

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  1. My stepkids would love this. We actually do something similar at Easter each year. We make clues and hide them around the house where one clue leads to the other and the last clue leads them to their Easter Basket. Of course we do this after they have gathered all the chocolate that the Easter bunny left! I will have to check out this Ukloo!

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