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UberSmart Math Facts Review
What I reviewed: UberSmart Math Facts 
What is it? Math Facts Review Program from UberSmart Software 
Who is it for? K-6+
How much is it? $24.95US
Where can I find it? http://ubersmartsoftware.com/

Tell me more:

This math facts review program that offers a step-by-step review approach to the basic math facts: addition and subtraction (0-9), multiplication and division (0-12).

Ubersmart is a downloaded program, which means you save and use it right on your desktop. It works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 – (not Mac, sorry!). You can download it to multiple computers – but each computer will have it’s own separate data, meaning you can’t complete activities on computer A and continue them on computer B.

UberSmart Math Facts Review
The point of this program is to be the “new” version of traditional flashcards by helping make math easier through memorization and recognition. With Ubersmart, there are several different options to use.

  • Learn: a change to test yourself by answering the questions in your head or outloud and then hitting click to see if you are right.
  • Practice: type in your answers and see if you are right.
  • Test: a timed session with a set number of cards and no results until the end when you can.
  • Compete: connect to the internet and challenge other people around the world in a timed event.

For each of the learning options, you can choose beginner and intermediate. Beginner offers flashcards using dots instead of numerals and provides an opportunity to master number typing on their keyboard. Intermediate is more about the actual math – answering questions and mastering the skills.

As a parent, you can access records to see how your children are doing: what they are successfully completing and what they are struggling with.

How we used it:

I downloaded this program to all 3 of the computers in our home, intending for each kid to have their own to work on. Day one proved to be more challenging than expected – likely because they all felt they should be able to start with the hardest options.

I found the default setting of 4.5 seconds per question WAY too fast. They weren’t ready for those kinds of speeds. Even if they were able to process and answer the question that fast, finding the numbers and typing them on the keyboard took too long. They kept getting wrong answer, they were so discouraged that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to convince them to keep trying.  I tried to set the time to a crazy long option in comparison (like 15 seconds), but the max option was 9.99 seconds.

After we changed the time requirements and encouraged them to start with something they knew they could successfully complete (like multiplying by 0s!), the program became much more useful for us and was much better received by the kids.

My youngest (7) used this program almost every day. He really loves the challenge that this program offers and was very excited to see the whole “mastered” note beside the questions he’s completed.


My oldest was able to work a couple of times a week on his multiplication and division skills – something he’s proud to be confident in. However, my middle boy had a hard time with it because of the time limits and because he is a very kinetic/active learner. He probably would do better with actual touch and feel flash cards than a computer based program.

This program is very simple and basic. It really is completely focused on mastering math facts with a time tested method of flashcards and memorization. There aren’t bells, whistles, and dancing distractions – just straight up math questions.

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