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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

Canadian mom, Doreen, had 2 boys who weren’t really interested in reading, so she turned it into a game. That game is now available to everyone and it’s called uKloo. This game is essentially a scavenger hunt designed for early readers ages 4 and up. It comes in a little box that is filled with …

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Easy Daysies

Have you heard of Easy Daysies before? Created by a Canadian Mom and Teacher, Elaine Tan Comeau, Easy Daysies are a magnetic based system to help kids with routines and daily tasks – both at home, and in their schooling. For Home The home routine kit comes in a package with everything you need: magnets, a …

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Hunt N’ Seek Canada – Editions Gladius International

This month’s sponsor is a Canadian game company called Editions Gladius International. Based out of Quebec, this company specializes in creating and selling games that are made here in Canada. One such game is Hunt And Seek Canada. This game is built on many of the things that are quintessentially Canadian – you know, igloos, …

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Autumn Stories | Marty Layne

Autumn Stories / Brighten the Day

It’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons with Marty Layne – Canadian author and musician – with a special offer on her book, Autumn Stories, and CD, Brighten the Day. “I saw a red cherry leaf on the grass this morning as I hung the wash up outside. It reminded me of the …

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Young Builder’s Tool Set from Montessori Services

One of the great things about homeschooling is that we have the opportunity to expand and develop on interests that our kids show more fully. Since many of the “extra” programs have been cut from the public school system, lessons like home ec and woodworking are no longer something that kids get a chance to …

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Professor Noggin

I have a challenge for you. See how many of the following questions you can answer: 1. Jeanne Sauve was the first female to hold what office? 2. What fur-trading company, founded in 1670, is the oldest existing company in Canada? 3. What is Craigellachie? 4. What did Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover in …

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Chess’n Math Association

Have a chess lover? Want to expand on your kids’ chess skills? Here’s a Canadian association especially intended for young chess players – Chess’n Math. Here you can buy books on strategy, chess based puzzles and exercises,and other teaching resources. As you explore through the website , you’ll learn about clubs that might be close to you, chess competitions …

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