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Minecraft Challenges

Challenge Cards – Minecraft Edition {Printable}

Do your kids love Minecraft as much as mine do? Then they will love these challenge cards! Included are 66 ideas; Some are intended for creative mode, some for regular play mode, some for multiplayer, and some even for off the computer! Simply cut them up and have your child pull one out before they …

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Curiosity Box Review

Curiosity Box is another Canadian activity box designed for kids ages 3 to 7. Offering the option of a single box, a monthly subscription, or a party kit – these boxes are based on themes and include 3 crafts and 1 activity in each box. Delivered to your door with your child’s name on it, …

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5 ways to Store Board Games

5 Ways To Store Your Board Games

My kids love board games, and they really are a great way to learn. Unfortunately, they also have big boxes that take up a lot of space, are hard to pull out when stacked on each other and little pieces that like to disappear. It’s frustrating. So, I put out the call for help. The board …

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Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Gear and Gadgets

Sometimes, you just want fun or unique gifts – so today’s post is a collection of “other” ideas for Christmas gifts. 1. T-shirt Store: looking for a homeschooling t-shirt. Check out my t-shirt store. There’s something for everyone in the family – Mom, Dad, baby, and kid!   Where to Buy: Visit my t-shirt store. It’s …

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Chess House

Chess can be a complex game of logic and strategy, which appeals just fine to my boys. Already familiar with the basics of chess thanks to a LEGO computer game we found, Chess House was exactly what we needed to make the push from gamer to player. Just over a year ago, thanks to my time as …

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10 Educational Board Games

Trying to make learning more fun and hands-on? Why not play a board game? Here are 10+ great games to help your kids learning without them really even knowing it. 1. Scrabble or Bananagrams This classic board game focuses on spelling and words. Using the letters you have available, you create words in a crossword style …

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Recycled Cardboard Products From Boutique Cascades

Canadian company, Cascades, is committed to helping reduce recyclable waste by repurposing wastepaper into other products. Some of their great products include wrapping paper, napkins, children’s cardboard furniture and playhouses, bird houses, cooler boxes, and cardboard Christmas trees. A few Christmases ago, our family had the chance to get a Christmas tree. We chose the …

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Pathfinders Design and Technology

Canadian company, Pathfinders Design and Technology is all about learning through hands-on building. Derek started his business out on Vancouver Island, teaching homeschoolers about medieval siege engines like trebuchets and catapults. Over the years, it’s expanded to creating kits of all kinds of designs, from the original medieval warfare machines to hydraulics, and animals to bridges. …

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Ukloo Riddle Edition

Ukloo Riddle Edition

Ukloo is a scavenger hunt learn-to-read game that involves cards with clues to lead you to the next spot. There are two different versions of the game. The first is the Original Ukloo – which is for beginning readers. The clues are easy words and short phrases. The other is the Riddle Edition, which is …

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