The Kids Book of Canadian History: A Book Review

Cover of The Kids Book of Canadian History

Title: The Kids Book of Canadian History
Author: Carlotta Hacker
Illustrator: John Mantha 
Publisher: Kids Can Press, 2009 
Grade Range: 3-7 
Book Genre: History, Non-fiction 


Canada has a rich and fascinating history. In this informative overview, kids will discover the people, places and events that have shaped our country. Featuring fact boxes, mini-profiles, maps, a timeline and more, this title in the acclaimed Kids Book of series offers a comprehensive and engaging look at Canada’s development, change and growth. Kids can read about
*the potlatch ceremonies of the west coast Aboriginal people
* the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway
* the battle of Vimy Ridge in World War I
* the role of Canadian women in World War II
* the establishment of Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory, and more …


Are you looking for a comprehensive elementary resource for Canadian history? The Kids Book of Canadian History will not leave you disappointed. This fully illustrated, colourful resource is a delight to use. 

Although it’s not a very long book at only 70 pages, The Kids Book of Canadian History has many excellent features. It encompasses all the main topics from Canada’s Indigenous Peoples to the early 2000’s. The text is broken up into short chunks with new headings to make the breaks obvious. This makes it incredibly easy to read – as it’s not overwhelming at all, plus if you just want to dive into one piece at a time, you can pause wherever naturally works for you.

There are sections called “Did you know” and “Quick Facts” as well as profiles of key historical figures such as Joseph Brant, Samuel de Champlain, and Tommy Douglas. Throughout the pages, you will also find some maps, an easy-to-reference index, and also a timeline that spans from when the Europeans first arrived in 1000 to 2003. The book makes an excellent read aloud to give an overview of Canadian history, as a resource for a research project or to add to any study on Canadian History. 

I have been particularly impressed by the highly detailed, realistic illustrations. The illustrations alone are well worth the cost of the book! Each page has several illustrations interspersed with text. The illustrations are a perfect incentive to gather everyone together on the couch for an informative read-aloud time and as a way to start some conversations about what they are listening to.

The Kids Book of Canadian History is one of my favourite Canadian history resources for the elementary years. Grab your own copy, gather your kids around and start learning about our country’s history!

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Timeline of Canada - to Confederation

If you are studying Canadian history this year,
grab the Timeline of Canada history to put on your wall or in a binder!

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