The Importance of Early Childhood Reading

The written word is a gift, something every child enjoys. A book is like a journey, each page a new step towards something new, something learned that might not otherwise be learned. Books can take children to places they may never visit; to meet people they may never meet. Narrative holds a special place in all of our personal journeys to understand ourselves and our relation to the world around us. Turn the page, begin the journey.

Often children who are only taught to read in school, and are not exposed to “reading for fun” at home, can come to associate reading with work; not pleasure. A child learns the value and pleasure of reading at an early age through guidance and motivation from their role models at home. When parents or “grown-ups” value reading and books, that value is passed on to their children. It is that desire – the curiosity and interest – that is necessary for children to obtain and really grasp the full benefits of reading.

Reading aloud to your children is also a significant sign of love and support because it shows you are willing to share your time with your child. Studies have shown that when young children are read aloud to daily by a family member, it increases the likelihood of overall success at school later on in life. It also promotes language acquisition and literacy development, and later achievement in reading comprehension.

Motivating children to read is not always an easy task. Starting early is your best opportunity to plant some roots. Even a baby of only 4-6 months old can look at pictures, listen to the sound of your voice and help turn the pages of a cardboard book. Once your children are old enough to read on their own, encourage them to read to you. Also, keep books and newspapers around the house to show the importance of reading in your life.

By introducing young readers to new people, worlds, and ideas, they will begin to understand the connectivity of the world around them, and the people in it. Books simultaneously expand the world in a characteristically personal way that no other medium matches.

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Upon completion of our program, your child will have excellent reading and comprehension skills. You will see the improvement in their reading skills, focus and confidence level. Our fun activities are captivating and rewarding. Children love the program!  Become a member today and give your child the advantage they deserve.

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