Creation Crate
Gynzy Interactive Whiteboard

Although homeschoolers don’t have interactive whiteboards like the new current phase of technology in the public school classrooms, we can still use our computers to access some of the amazing resources available for this. Introducing Gynzy – a website full of interactive educational resources that you can use right on your computer screen (with your mouse, […]

Building our Creation Crate

Creation Crate : A Build It Yourself Tech-in-a-Box Review

Creation Crate is a tech engineering kit in a box. Designed for kids ages 12 and up, the goal of this monthly subscription is to provide the opportunity for students to get hands-on and build electronics for themselves. Included in the box is everything you need to make a particular project – circuit boards, LED lights, amps, a pocket-sized […]

Choose your own adventure with Minecraft: StoryMode from TellTale Games

Minecraft Story Mode: A Game Review

Bringing the world of Minecraft to life, Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode takes the game and turns it into an adventure. Using the iconic cubic graphics and detail that every kid seems to instantly recognize, Telltale has put together a “choose your own adventure” story that follows a group of friends – Jesse (or Jessie), Olivia, Axel, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Tablet Review

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from Staples. Since I’ve never had a tablet before, I was super excited to see how it could be used in my every day life to help me be more organized and get more things done. This tablet is very nice. With an 8.4′ screen, it’s extremely […]

The Impact of Gamified Learning

There has long been the question of how to keep kids engaged in the classroom, especially in math class where lessons on blackboards often struggle to hit home in the practical minds of kids. With the short attention spans of young minds and the abstract concepts involved in math class it can be challenging to […]