Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads Day II

Saturday, October 5th is a special day. It’s Star Wars Reads Day II!

This year is the second annual running of the event – and has become an international event, including us here in Canada.

So, what is it?

This is a day designated to encourage reading through a fun event. The idea is to get everyone reading books about Star Wars in some form or another.

There are events and activities going on all over the place – so be sure to check if there’s anything running near you, or join in from home, reading books and other StarWars activities.

The people who run it have even put together a printable activity kit you can use, that includes: recipes, crafts, art projects, puzzles, and more. It’s available in colour, black&white, and even in Spanish.

For my boys, we’ll be reading some books from DK Canada. 

LEGO Star Wars YodaWho doesn’t love Yoda?

Check out this large, hardcover book all about the LEGO Star Wars: Yoda Chronicles series. Inside is full of amazing, full colour photos of LEGO Star Wars characters, worlds, and more. There’s Yoda’s allies and enemies, his history, and information about his character’s role as teacher, master, and Jedi.

Filled with the usual wit and humour found in the LEGO series, this book is fun for kids of all ages.

It comes with a unique Special Forces Commander Stormtrooper minifigure, too!


Star Wars JediStarWars: I Want To Be A Jedi is a level 3 reader – meaning it’s intended for competent independent readers. This book outlines the Jedi, their training and history, equipment, enemies, and skills they master. Interspersed with large movie photo stills, this book is a great wealth of information about everything related to the Jedi.

StarWars BattlesStarWars: Epic Battles is a level 4 reader – which means it’s intended for advanced readers. This book covers all the major fights throughout the Star Wars series: on land and in space, as well as lightsaber duels. Every is in full detail, bringing action to life for the reader.

For more awesome Star Wars books from DK Canada, check out the books in the Star Wars Boutique Sale.

For more information about Star Wars Reads Day, events near you, and more, visit:

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