Selling or Donating Used Homeschool Books

Do you have a stack of homeschool books that you’ve been wondering where to donate or sell? I have a couple of options for you.

To Buy/Sell:

Homeschool Swap: Canada. An active, chatty Facebook group with almost 200 members (and growing very quickly!). We’re from all over Canada – BC to NFLD to the territories! Here you can post pictures and lists of materials you are either selling or looking to buy.

Homeschool Buy & Sell: An active yahoo group. Not specific to Canada. Can also talk about curriculum choices and ideas.

To Donate: 

The Book Samaritan: A non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping homeschool families in need by sending them homeschool materials for free. They support families in both the US and Canada and welcome donations from anywhere.

13 thoughts on “Selling or Donating Used Homeschool Books”

  1. Hi, I am a stay home mom, with two beautiful kids, David who is 5 years old and Zoe who is 6 months. I really want to start homeschooling them because I know so many families who are going through a hard process with their kids after they’ve gone through bullying, many of them have become anorexic!, and obviously I dont want that for my kids. Now, the problem is that I can not afford all those $1000+ curriculums out there, so if you know somebody that could donate to us or sell for a very low price a complete Canadian curriculum for grade 1, PLEASE I would really appreciated if you contact me. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS!.

    1. Hi Anjelica,

      Thanks for stopping by the site 🙂 I know you are mostly joking about the $1000 curriculums – but my first word of advice is – don’t! When starting homeschooling, many people get sucked into buying overpriced, big-name, hot-ticket materials. Especially kits. Over time, we learn our kids’ learning preferences/styles and our own methods of teaching – and often times that expensive curriculum gets left behind as we mix and match products or find something better suited.

      Second – there are basically no “complete Canadiam curriculum” boxed sets out there. If you want Canadian, you will have to do the mix n match game. Take a look through this site to see if you can find products that appeal to you – them you can hunt them down (by asking on the swap group for example/watch for sales on their websites, etc).

      You can get some really cheap books (the SmartSeries for example) at stores like Costco and Chapters.

      All the best as you start your journey!
      Lisa Marie

    2. Theresa Peters

      The Good and the Beautiful – Free Download of Language Arts! Its an awesome curriculum. Add reading at the library of science books, some living books about historic periods or research together periods that interest her! And voila you’re done – just some printing!

  2. Hello Lisa Marie, My name is Prudence Perkins, and I homeschooled a few years ago, and had an upheaval in our family, and put my kids in public school for a couple of years, so now that we’re settled again we are getting into the game again. :)I’m in Manitoba now.

    I would like to join the homeschool buy/swap facebook page. I sent a request already. Just wanted to introduce myself.

  3. I have homeschooled for 2 years but my children are now going to public school. I have homeschool books that are basically new. They are all the reading and history books from Sonlight for World History Core H Year 2. We are finished homeschooling and would like to sell them.

    I would like to join the Facebook page where I can sell my homeschool books.


  4. Becky Stanwood

    I would like to obtain some of Jeannie Fulbright Exploring Creation Books. I have the Astronomy one but will take any others. I would like not to pay full price, as everyone else. I am not on Facebook so I wondered if you could put it out there. I am in Pembroke (Yarmouth) Nova Scotia B5A 5G9. If they could let me know how much book is and how much shipping to this postal code is that would be great.



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