DK Eyewitness Books

This month marks the 25th anniversary of DK’s extremely popular Eyewitness Series of books. These books are full of information and gorgeous photographs – amazing non-fiction resources for every day learning! New to us here in North America, this series is being released in Paperback, with completely revamped cover photography and and fresh new look …

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Go Science

What I reviewed: Go Science DVDs What is it? Science Demonstrations on video from Library and Educational Services Who is it for? ages 4 – 12 How much is it? $8.97 US each Where can I find it? Tell me more: Science really seems to stick to kids who can see it in action. That’s what these …

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Teach Your Kids About... Gardening

Teach Your Kids About …. Gardening

Spring means plants and flowers and vegetable gardens. Here’s a round up of some great tools and resources to teach your kids about gardening. Lessons Growing Plants on BBC Kids (for ages 5-6 including online game) Lessons and Activities on How to Grow Beans in a Plastic Bag by Green Education Foundation – lesson …

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Teach Your Kids About …. Butterflies

Spring is here, and that means that butterflies will be coming soon! The amazing process of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is completely fascinating (and not just for kids!) Here’s a round up of some great resources to teach your kids all about butterflies.   This post contains affiliate links. Last spring, our family had …

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supercharged science

Supercharged Science

What is it? Homeschool science curriculum by Supercharged Science Who is it for? Grades K-12 How much is it? $37/month for k-8, and $57/month for 9-12 Tell me more: Supercharged Science is an online video based homeschool science curriculum that takes the guesswork and frustrations of science out of the way. There are currently 20 complete units to …

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Sky Watchers

If you are planning to study the weather, I recommend checking out this resource from Environment Canada called Sky Watchers. It looks like originally this program was intended for classes and students to learn about meteorology through a series of hands-on, interactive lessons and activities. While gathering data, they could report back to Environment Canada …

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What I reviewed: Online Subscription What is it? Online science curriculum by Who is it for? Grades K-2 How much is it? $7.95/month per student Where can I find it? Tell me more: From the creators of the popular website,, aims to make science learning fun and interactive for the primary school … Read More »

Sap to Syrup

Sap To Syrup DVD {Review}

One of the greatest things about moving towards spring is that it starts maple syrup season! Have you ever thought of trying to make your own maple syrup or wondered how it’s made? I invite you to watch a family-made documentary called Sap to Syrup, which follows the Wood family through their own backyard adventures …

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Let's Talk Science Challenge

Let’s Talk Science: Challenge!

If your child loves science, here’s a great event for them to join! “The Let’s Talk Science Challenge (formerly the All Science Challenge) is a free science enrichment event for Grades 6, 7 and 8 students across Canada. Beginning in January, teams of two to four students study the Let’s Talk Science Challenge handbook, which covers …

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