Teach your kids about ... Astronomy

Teach Your Kids About Astronomy – Resources to Study Space

Space. It’s this wonderful, exciting thing to explore for kids. Here is a round-up of some fantastic resources to teach your kids about astronomy. This post may contain affiliate links. Lesson Plans & Activities Canadian Astronomy Education : Grade 1  | Grade 6  | Grade 9 | Grade 11/12  Canadian Space Agency – 7 Modules Our Solar System – First Grade by Common Core […]

Science Fair Water Testing Kit: Learning About Water

How much do you know about the water you drink? In Canada, our drinking water is pretty good. We live in a place where water is plentiful and well taken care of, but learning about what is in our water (and what are acceptable standards) is an interesting experiment. I was asked by WaterTestingKits.com if I could […]

Teach Your Kids About Motion – Resources on the Laws of Motion

Sir Issac Newton introduced us to the Laws of Motion – the idea of how things move. Below are some resources to teach your kids about motion and how it works. Lessons How Stuff Works: Laws of Motion How to Teach Newton’s Laws of Motion in Elementary School Newton’s First Law  |  Second Law   […]

Solar Energy with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This month, our Science Expeditions box from Little Passports was all about solar energy – which is perfect to study during these sunny days of summer. As always, we started off with the little book that came with the kit, reading the comic and doing the exercises in it. We […]

Let's Talk Science

Why Science Matters

Science surrounds us. It is everywhere and affects us every day. The importance of science in our daily lives may not be immediately obvious, but if you examine your routine, you’ll find you’re regularly making science-based choices. For example, consider the food you eat (do you choose organic); products you use (do you consider their environmental impact); […]

10 Free Science Websites To Expand Your Science Lessons

  Here are 10 free science websites full of resources, experiments, printables, activities, lesson plans and more to expand your children’s science learning experiences.  Let’s Talk Science – This terrific initiative helps kids to learn and love Science. There are different areas to branch out to, such as CurioCity – for teens and IdeaPark – for […]

Learning About Aerodynamics with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This month with Little Passports’ Science Expeditions kit, we got to explore Aerodynamics. When the kit arrived, we started guessing what would be inside the box. For sure, we thought there were going to be paper airplanes. Eagerly my science kid opened it up and we were surprised – no […]

Learning About Vision & Optics with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This year, Little Passports asked our family to try out their Science Expeditions monthly subscription box. Box #1 was really neat, with experiments about Forensic Science – such as extracting DNA, studying fingerprints, and examining blood splatters. The second box is about Vision and Optics – how our eyes work […]

Science Expeditions – A Kit from Little Passports {Review}

This post contains affiliate links. Little Passports have been bringing the joy of world geography through monthly subscription boxes for a few years now. Now, they offer a new kind of learning experience with their Science Expeditions monthly kit. We got to try out the first kit. It kit arrived in our mailbox in a […]