Recycled Cardboard Products From Boutique Cascades

Canadian company, Cascades, is committed to helping reduce recyclable waste by repurposing wastepaper into other products. Some of their great products include wrapping paper, napkins, children’s cardboard furniture and playhouses, bird houses, cooler boxes, and cardboard Christmas trees.

A few Christmases ago, our family had the chance to get a Christmas tree. We chose the Moderno tree in all white, and then we had a family art day, painting and decorating it. It’s now one of our favourite things for the holidays. One awesome feature is that you just have to slide it apart at the end of the season and it stores away flat, easy to keep for next year. Size wise, this tree reaches just below my shoulders – making it big enough, but not oversized. It’s great for kids. Plus, the price point for these trees is between $10 and $30 – depending on the style that you pick. You can get them pre-coloured or patterned, or leave them plain white – we just wanted to make a special activity together.

Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree

For kids, they have a few great options – including a playhouse! Made here in Canada of 100% recycled materials, this sturdy house is designed for kids ages 6 and up and is all set to be personalized by colouring the sides and roof.

It arrives in a flat box. You just pop out the pieces and assemble. Remember to keep the box, so if you need to store it away for a bit, you have somewhere to put all the parts! Size wise, the house is about 4½ feet tall – making it small enough to fit into a small space without being completely intrusive – but big enough to offer a special place for a child.  There is a double door, 2 windows, and a skylight.


Again, the price point is terrific – only being $20. Best of all – when it’s time to get rid of it, you can simply pop it right into the recycling box!

The one thing that we did note while we were painting our tree is that poster/tempera paint gets absorbed very quickly into the cardboard – so be prepared for either multiple coats or a lighter colour if you choose to use that to decorate. Acrylic paint worked much better, however it’s not always a kid-friendly tool.

I’m excited to be able to give one of these playhouses to my 6 year old niece – I know she’s going to have a blast with it, especially since she can be creative and personalize it to have her own little hideaway.

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