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Many provinces require standardized testing for their students several times during their school years – usually around the Grade 3, 6 and 9 levels. Often, homeschooling families are relieved to avoid these tests because they tend to put a lot of stress on their children and focus on success and testing instead of on interest of learning and fun.

That being said, I found a resource which offers practice tests for these tests. They can be a great way to confirm what your child knows and what areas they need to work on.


First is a new digital system called QuestA+ which are easy to use, online multiple choice quizzes designed by the Government of Alberta. The only option available on this site is the “Practice Testing” button.

The other is printable pdf files of past tests for the areas of Math, English and Science.

Both are great ways to follow along and expand your childs learning without the stress of actually taking the test. Or if you have a child in the school system, taking a practice test can help them avoid panic on the actual exam day by knowing what kinds of things to expect.

2 thoughts on “Quest A+”

  1. Thank you soooooooooo much!!! I am considering homeschooling my daughter…this year. She is in grade 3 in Toronto, Ontario and I am facing a lot of opposition because of concern that she will fall behind if I take her out in a critical year. This may help me a bit. Thank you for posting! Any other suggestions?

    1. My advice is – don’t listen to the opposition. People are always scared of what they don’t know. The only “falling behind” that happens to a homeschool child is that they no longer have to conform to the ideals set out by society for education. She can learn in her own home and safe environment, at a speed she is comfortable.

      All the best with your homeschool journey! 🙂

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