The Canadian Adventure – A Virtual Trip Across Canada


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The Canadian Adventure book is a province by province virtual trip. Take you and your kids on a tour of Canada – from Newfoundland to BC and through the three territories.

For each province/territory, you will get to explore the sights as if you were a real tourist. Visit popular attractions, wander through city streets, take a look at the landscape, meet the people, try the food, and more. Teach your kids about map skills and other neat facts about each province.


I’ve spent hours pouring through tourist sites, Youtube, Google Maps, websites, and more to find everything I could to provide as close to an “in-person” experience as I could offer you. There’s even experiences that you might not ever have gotten in real life on your own.

It includes:

  • Green Gables
  • a Canadian desert
  • dinosaur fossils
  • whale watching
  • Parliament Buildings
  • panning for gold
  • the Northern lights
  • lighthouses
  • First Nations experiences
  • canoeing and kayaking
  • mountain climbing, camping, and hiking
  • provincial parks
  • ferry rides
  • ….so much more

All from home!

This adventure recommends doing a travel journal at the end of each province / territory. Check out the Companion Travel Journal, which I’ve put together to make it easy for you. 


Thank you so much for doing this series on Canada! My kids and I have been doing it, and we have learned so much about Canada. It’s the perfect summertime homeschooling activity, for when we feel like we should be on vacation but just can’t right now! Thanks for all the links and videos you found! We have been supplementing with story books from the library set in the different provinces. Enjoying it very much!           -Reidun


I just received the Canadian Adventure, WOW!! You did so much work for this. I am so excited to do this with my kids. My husband and I just got back (to SK) from Nova Scotia. Our older kids didn’t come, but this is a great way to put our trip pictures to educational use. Thanks for all the work you put into this!!                                 -Whitney


I used your ebook with my kids aged 7-12. It was a great way to overview all of Canada, and was our lead-in to Canadian history. We especially enjoyed the links to various YouTube videos to see and hear the places we “visited”. Thanks so much for putting it together!                                                                                                                                -Kara

I love it so far. We are using it to help us with Canadian geography and a starting point to learn about Canada’s cultural diversity as we travel through the provinces and territories.
– Sandi


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