Canadian Geography Matching Game


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Want a fun way to learn and review what you know about the Canadian provinces? Here’s a matching game!

Included for each province and territory is a set of four cards that show a map, the flower, the flag, and the capital city. Print and cut out each card – probably on cardstock for added durability, and then match them up.

Use the cards that make the most sense for your learning activities. For example, if the flower or the flag don’t really matter to you – don’t use them.

You can start off simple, only using the main province name card and a set of the capital cities only. After that has been mastered, add in a new set of cards. If you want an added challenge, use the extra cards I’ve included at the end that feature other well-known cities and images to make it more complicated.

This can even be played as a multi-person game. Each person can take a province or territory, and the flag, city, map, and flower cards are turned upside down on the table. Draw a card and see if it’s yours! First person to find all four of their cards – wins!


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