Prismland – Geometry Plush Toys

Introducing Prismland – 3D shapes you can hug. Geometry has never been so cute and cuddly.

PrismLand - 3D Shapes Stuffies

Meet Cubert, Spherrison, Rhonda, Pyri, and Hexter. Created and designed by two recent university grads, and funded by a popular Kickstart campaign, these characters introduce the idea of three-dimensional shapes to young children in a fun, hands-on way.

These characters are made of soft, white fabric with quality stitching along the edges to define the shapes. I will say that they have survived some rather… aggressive play from my older sons, which means that they have been well-built!

Stored in a convenient canvas bag, the Prismpals also come with short little character-specific booklets. These stories are easy to read, and quite hilarious. We had many chuckles together as we read them. Who knew shapes could have such interesting personalities and experiences! I think these cute little guys would make a marvellous cartoon series!

The books showcase features like pi, sides, what real-life items are the same shape, the characteristics Prismland - Stacked - Sprinkledthat stand out about the characters, and more. It’s honestly just a lot of silly math fun.

All ages of my kids are enjoying not only the books but also the characters. I am impressed at how quickly my 2½ year old was able to associate the type of 3D shape with their name.

If you want to use these characters in junction with geometry lessons, you can print out some worksheets (matching prisms to the characters, understanding lines, counting corners and edges, etc.) and see where on the early Ontario curriculum these kinds of activities line up.

Which Prismland character is your favourite?

Prismland Kit

Find out more and order your own PrismPals at their website, PrismLand


18 thoughts on “Prismland – Geometry Plush Toys”

  1. Thanks for the post, Lisa Marie! Matt from Prismland here. Glad to see that you and your family are enjoying the PrismPals. I’m happy to answer any questions that your readers might have about our products.

  2. I think Spherrison is the cutest, and have a feeling that it will quickly become a fave cuddle toy, in addition to learning toy.

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