Active for Life


This week, we’ve been looking at glimpses of various ways that homeschooling families across Canada include physical education to their days. There have been some great photos of various sports teams, and creative ideas like trampolining, going for walks, and more. But, what ELSE can we do to get our kids (and ourselves!) moving. Introducing […]

Play it Safe!

The tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson in 2009 was a major wake-up call for a lot of people. Ms. Richardson was skiing on a beginner slope in ideal skiing conditions. She was participating in a private skiing lesson with a professional ski instructor. She was laughing and talking after the accident. When she was […]

Chalkboard Publishing

I recently went to the local teacher supply store and wandered around with a pen and paper, on the search for Canadian publishers and materials, games and toys. I was sadly disturbed by the lack of these products, but I did find a few great discoveries that I will share with you over the next […]

Peppermint Stick Learning Co.

One of my readers recommended this company and after some research I’m excited to bring to you a Canadian curriculum company called Peppermint Stick Learning Company. Based out of Bracebridge, ON, this homeschooling family of 6 children ranging from infant to jr. high, has developed a curriculum based on the needs of their children and […]

Emergency Preparedness

There’s a lot of great emergency preparedness material available from many different Canadian resources – such as the government and the Canadian Red Cross.


The Physical Activity Guide

June 2013: It looks like this has been changed to tip sheets for various age groups of ideas on how to get fit and have fun.  When you don’t have mandated recess periods or phys.ed programs, it can be hard to remember to put in at least 60 minutes of physical activity into your day. […]

The Canadian Food Guide

The various departments of the  Canadian government offer a huge selection of informative and educational materials to the general public. Some we are all mostly familiar with – such as the Canadian Food Guide, which I will feature right now. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to teach kids about proper eating habits. Thankfully, […]


For Canadian Hockey Fans

Hockey Canada has a website specifically for children. You can check it out at : The whole website is mascoted by a polar bear named Puckster and offers children the chance to learn more about hockey in Canada. On the site, kids can: Design their own hockey cards. Play online games like “The OneTimer […]