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About Me


Welcome to The Canadian Homeschooler. My name is Lisa Marie Fletcher. Like you, I am a homeschooling parent. I have 5 kids, a messy house, and big dreams (without an abundance of free time!) I spend my days teaching kids, playing with little ones, and chipping away at my computer.

When I first started homeschooling my oldest through Kindergarten, I used an American boxed curriculum that came highly recommended to me. It was a good program, but I really wanted to include Canadian resources. That set me on this journey to discover and share what I found with other homeschoolers here in Canada. I hope this site helps you. 

The Mission

To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey from start to finish. I want them to find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history. 

Recent Posts

Hands-On Canadian History: The Great Depression – Baked Apples Recipe

In the early 1930s, financial disaster struck, leaving many people unemployed and poor. Here in Canada, the poverty was compounded with a horrible drought in the prairies. It was during this time period that people especially learned the art of saving, reusing, and making due – even under the direst circumstances. We call that time […]


Hands-On Canadian History: Inventors – Alexander Graham Bell

Canada’s history includes some amazing inventors, such as Frederick Banting who discovered the connection between insulin and diabetes, and Alexander Graham Bell who patented the telephone. Make a Model Liquid Transmitter Mr. Bell’s invention involved using sound waves to complete an electrical circuit. Using a cone to amplify the sound causes a membrane to vibrate, […]


Hands-On Canadian History: The Bluenose Fishing and Racing Vessel

The Bluenose Schooner was a fishing / racing vessel that was made in Nova Scotia. Its unique design made it incredibly fast and enabled it to become the champion in top ship races during the 1920s and 30s. It’s the ship that you can see on the Canadian dime. Have a Boat Design Competition & […]


Hands-On Canadian History: Women’s Rights to Vote

By the time of World War I, women will still not even considered people. They weren’t allowed vote. Through leadership of strong women such as Nellie McClung, suffragettes lobbied the government hard to change things and earn the women’s rights to vote. The Dessert Vote I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like a dessert […]


Hands-On Canadian History: The Halifax Explosion

The Halifax Explosion was the biggest man-made explosion before the atomic bomb, caused when two ships collided in Halifax harbour. One of the ships was filled with ammunition and other explosives, ready to head to Europe for the armies fighting in World War I, the other was late and in a hurry. In the aftermath […]


Hands-on Canadian History: World War I – Brodie Helmet

When the world went to war in 1914, Canada joined in, sending forces to Europe to aid the cause. Our soldiers fought bravely and were featured in some key battles, such as Vimy Ridge. An important part of WWI uniforms was a Brodie helmet –  a metal dome helm with a brim and a chin strap. Here is […]


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