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About Me


Welcome to The Canadian Homeschooler. My name is Lisa Marie Fletcher. Like you, I am a homeschooling parent. I have 5 kids, a messy house, and big dreams (without an abundance of free time!) I spend my days teaching kids, playing with little ones, and chipping away at my computer.

When I first started homeschooling my oldest through Kindergarten, I used an American boxed curriculum that came highly recommended to me. It was a good program, but I really wanted to include Canadian resources. That set me on this journey to discover and share what I found with other homeschoolers here in Canada. I hope this site helps you. 

The Mission

To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey from start to finish. I want them to find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history. 

Recent Posts

20 Tips to Keep Your Sanity While Homeschooling.

20 Tips to Keep Your Sanity While Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. The pressure and challenges of getting schooling done, while parenting kids, maintaining a home, and balancing extra activities amongst other things can really take a toll on homeschooling parents. There are days where no matter what you’ve had planned, everything gets derailed by one bad attitude or […]


Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition: 5 Reasons It’s My Favourite Sale

This post contains affiliate links. The Build Your Bundle sale is my favourite homeschool curriculum sale of the year. I look forward to it every spring. What IS the Build Your Bundle Sale? Every year (typically in May) the Build Your Bundle sale is held, offering homeschoolers worldwide with the opportunity to buy a collection […]

Why should you consider buying digital homeschool curriculum

7 Benefits to Using Digital Curriculum in Your Homeschool

This post uses affiliate links. Everything seems to be moving to more of a digital format, and that goes with homeschool curricula as well. I know the appeal to see, touch, feel, and smell new books is hard to replace, but digital curriculum actually has a lot of great benefits. Benefits of Digital Curriculum Cost […]


How to Homeschool Preschool: A No-Stress Approach to Early Learning

If you have decided to homeschool and you have a young child, you might be wondering how to homeschool preschool. You might be feeling a sense of overwhelm and confusion as you look for options and information. Preschool doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a full curriculum to be successful just having fun […]


Hearne’s Incredible Overland Journey – An Arctic Exploration Literature Study

Studying Canadian history is way more interesting when you take a closer look at the people and stories instead of just the facts and dates. For example, the Arctic exploration. If you get down to the stories of the men who braved the frozen north, you discover a whole bunch of interesting events. In 1914, Canadian […]


Homeschool Burnout Survival Steps

If you are already feeling like you’ve hit the wall, and are tired, stressed, frazzled, and at the end of your rope….. there is hope. Here, you will find a collection of tips and ideas for surviving a homeschool burnout. Tip #1. Stop. If you are feeling burnt out, it’s time to stop. Cut all […]


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