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Nallenart is a Canadian company that provides complete French curriculum materials for Canadian fa milies and classrooms. They have 3 programs: L’Art de Dire (speaking), L’Art de Lire (reading), and L’Art d’Ecrire (writing).

This program was recommended to me by Stacey: “I’ve tried a variety of French programs over the years for my four sons, but always come back to L’Art de Lire and L’Art de Dire from The former focuses on French phonics through simple stories and exercises, while the latter introduces basic spoken French through thematic vocabulary and phrases.

Written to follow the Ontario curriculum guidelines, you can order each level of lesson plans and activities depending on the ages and abilities of your children.
L'art de direL’Art de Dire is designed for K-3 : “Detailed lesson plans, reproducible teaching aids and a totally oral approach make this book ideal for teaching French to children who are not yet ready to learn to read in French. ” For this age range, Nellenart also offers wordless storybooks with narrative CDs, and a colouring workbook to reinforce beginning basic vocabulary.

L'Art De LireL’Art de Lire “combines beginning conversational French with an introduction to French phonics, enabling children to read simple stories in French from the first lesson.” You have options of buying bundled sets which cover all 6 levels of skill for multiple children, or you can buy each level individually as a homeschool package. Each package includes a student exercise workbook, listening CD, Teacher Key, Unit tests and Flashcards.
L'art d'ecrireL’Art d’Ecrire “follows the Core French Curriculum Guidelines of the Ontario Canada Ministry of Education for Grade 9.” This set includes a student worktext and a Teacher CD.

You can also register at for an account which provides you access to additional teaching materials – including French Phonics Reference Cards, lapbook materials, powerpoint presentations, etc. There are also pay for purchase extras as well – including downloadable versions of the above materials.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your kind words about Nallenart products! Just a clarification, though. The curriculum guidelines used in the creation of the products were those from Ontario, my home province. I homeschooled here for eighteen years, and my books are based on that, plus my classroom teaching experience.

    Also, I have a request. Could you please change the spelling of the beginning and ending links to Nallenart? I wouldn't want people frustrated because they can't find me!

    Thank you again!

    Norma Allen

  2. Thanks so much for the clarification – I've changed the info above to reflect that. And sorry about the links. I should probably stop putting posts up when I'm still mostly asleep in the morning! 🙂 Links have been changed – thanks again! 🙂

  3. I've tried to contact nallenart after putting in an order for some of their materials.

    ( I couldn't add everything I wanted to my cart.)

    I cannot get in touch with them. ( the email link to contact them on their webpage is not working. My messages keep getting sent back.

    If you can help..or if Norma Allen reads this message, please assist me!

    I am feeling quite frustrated and a little concerned.

    thanks, julie (

    1. Hi Julie,
      I totally can appreciate your frustration. I emailed you the contact information I could find. I’m sure it was simply a mistake that will be able to be easily cleared up once you are connected. Please keep me up to date on your efforts.
      Lisa Marie.

  4. From Suzanne:

    I caution anyone from ordering from Nallenart. The material may be very good but I can’t fairly comment on materials I have not yet received.
    I placed an order in May 2011 and received nothing. My credit card was billed. No one answers the phone and my emails received no response until several weeks ago when Ms. Allen assured me she’d follow up quickly. It’s been weeks more; I’ve sent another message (July) and still nothing – no curriculum and no messages to indicate the status of the search and my order.
    I completely understand Julie’s frustration.
    Looks like we’ll be starting the process to get our money back this week.
    I cannot recommend Nallenart.

  5. I ordered from Nallenart a month ago and paid with paypal. I have not received any of the materials. I am trying to contact via email and have had no response. I am so frustrated because the program looks like it would work for my family yet it seems like I’ll never know. I’m just glad I didn’t order everything I wanted to get or I’d be out another 50 dollars. Is this company even legit?

    1. Hi Sue – Thanks for commenting. I’m sorry that you’ve been having a rough time with your order. Yes, they are a real company and highly praised among many families. But, I know a few of my readers have had the same issues as you. Most ended up receiving their orders shortly after commenting, without explanation or apology, so hopefully it’s the same for you! I’ve been researching some other French Curriculums and will posting them soon so people have other alternatives to choose from.

  6. I’m having the same problem… I do already own a complete hard copy set of L’art de lire, which I purchased several years ago. We’ve been quite happy with it. I’ve even found some typos along the way, told her about it, received her thanks, and saw the corrected versions in the online downloadable books.

    But this past spring, I ordered the online-only version of l’art de dire, for my younger daughter. We only did the first couple of pages at the time as she wasn’t too interested yet.

    When she was interested in doing more, I tried to go back and found that she’s changed the website and there’s this new ‘curriculum club’ you have to join for access. I registered, and as the instructions say, existing customers are supposed to simply use the contact form to let her know, and she’ll grant access to your materials.

    I did that in AUGUST.

    I’ve done it several more times since, and have tried every email address I’ve ever used with her. NOTHING. Not even the slightest hint of a response.

    I realized just today that I have phone numbers in my ‘lire’ books and was going to try those next… but reading these comments, I’m not too optimistic about that either!

    I guess my next step will be to dispute the charges on my credit card… hope they accept requests that go back that far!!

    1. Oh boy. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having the same challenges. 🙁 I’m very disheartened to hear that there’s such a good resource available to homeschooling families but that it’s been made impossible to support or encourage use of because of bad customer service. I hope that you get things sorted out asap. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Hi, I just placed an order thru their website and an now having to go through a paypal dispute for not receiving. It was for $222!Not happy:(

  8. I have really enjoyed the l’art de lire. Quite inexpensive. My son who was quite traumatized by french in school has found this program comfortable to use without tears. I buy everything I order in digital/PDF/mp3 so I didn’t have to worry about receiving the order via mail though. It is too bad that a company that makes such good materials would have such horrible customer service.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve been hearing more positive reviews about their download service. I think their products look terrific and hope that this new way to purchase the sets will help everyone get what they need without the stress of trying to connect with customer service! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  9. Dominique Guerin

    I have looked at the sample pages of L’art d’ecrire. As a native French speaker, I am shocked by the number of basic errors in the first two pages (I stopped reading after that). I’d been considering it to teach my 8th grader. I can’t see how this curriculum can be good with SO many blatant errors.
    ex: percepteurs should read perceptifs
    ex: que tu etudie dans l’unite – tu etudieS
    ex: Tu doit memoriser ces verbes qui indique – Tu doiS memoriser ces verbes qui indiqueNT
    Seriously? Awful

  10. I placed an order 6 weeks ago and have been billed, yet I haven’t gotten anything. I sent an email, but haven’t been contacted. I am so frustrated. Can you help?

    1. I have the same connections that you have for this. I’m not sure I can help much more than what you’ve been doing already. I’m sorry that this hasn’t worked out. 🙁 I hate hearing of so many people who haven’t had a good experience with this company.

  11. Juliana ishmail

    I absolutely love the nallenart l’art de lire. My daughter just completed book 1. But the service is extremely poor. I left several voice messages, emails but never got a response as I had a few questions.
    I am now trying to find an alternative French program for my daughter. Any recommendations?

  12. I’ve been searching and searching for a French homeschool curriculum for early learners. I’m so disappointed to hear people aren’t pleased with Nallenart.
    Has this changed? It’s now 2014 and most comments are from a couple years ago.
    If not does anyone know of a complete introductory french curriculum for French Second Language for children 2-5 years old?

  13. I have been waiting 6 weeks for my Nallenart order through The Learning House. In the past I’ve tried to order hard copies directly from Nallenart, without success or communication. I have had no problem receiving the same products through The Learning House in the past but, alas, their supply of Nallenart products must have run out. They have contacted Nallenart in an attempt to get stock so they can fulfil orders, but Norma Allen isn’t responding to them either. The Learning House’s service is fantastic, but they can’t sell me what they don’t have. I wish we had never started with Nallenart, because my daughter does not do well with curriculum switches! BTW, The Learning House suggested Mission Monde as a good curriculum to try instead.

    1. Oh man. I’m sorry to hear that this is still being a problem. :/ I hadn’t heard anyone having problems in a long time so I’d hoped they had solved their customer care issues. Thank you for the alternative suggestion.

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