MathSmart Parent Guides

If your child needs some extra practice or more lessons on a math subject, and you need some tools to help teach them, check out the MathSmart Guide series from Popular Book Company.

MathSmart Guides

Each grade level consists of two books – one for parents and one for the student.

The student book is similar to the MathSmart books – colourful work pages with math exercises and practice on the pages inside, however much smaller. Each short chapter focuses on one idea, such as: fractions, money, measurement, 2D shapes, etc. In among the practice questions are little boxes with examples and information to clarify challenging concepts. Answers are provided in the back.

The parent guide is designed to help you as a parent be able to teach these concepts to your child. Inside you will find each unit broken down into sub-lessons that match the work pages in the student books.

First, is a short introduction to explain what concept is being taught in , along with some visual examples that are broken down step by step to show you exactly what to do and how to do it. I love how it breaks things down into steps that are easy to follow. There are suggestions on wording to use, like “Don’t forget to drop the digit in the hundredths place after rounding.”

In the student books are sections labelled as Application Questions – the final area of each topic. These have a blank area for students to work through the question, showing how they got their answers. It’s a good way to evaluate how well they’ve learnt the skill of that unit. The answers to these questions are only in the parent guide.

These books are not a complete curriculum, but more of an additional resource to use in partner with your usual program as a way to offer extra review or practice, especially if you see your child is struggling with math concepts. Books are available for students from grade 1 through grade 8.

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