Right Start Math Review

I will be the first to admit it – I hated math in school. Hated it. Dreaded it. It gave me anxiety. So when we decided to homeschool this was the one big area I was not confident in. Math is a part of our everyday world and I didn’t want my kids to dread …

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How we use Math-U-See with Life of Fred

This is a guest post from Leanne Seel of It contains affiliate links. This is our 7th year using  Math-U-See in our homeschool. I like its mastery approach. My kids learn one concept completely before moving on to the next. The program is manipulative-based – the idea is that the students build the concept …

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All About Fractions Reference Pack

Fractions can be tricky, so I’ve made this Reference Pack to help make things as clear as possible. It includes: What are fractions? Adding fractions with common and different denominators Subtracting fractions Multiplying and dividing fractions Mixed numbers Whole numbers as fractions Fraction Bars and Circles

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Teach Your Kids About Canadian Money

Teach your Kids About …. Canadian Money

Looking for some resources and materials to help teach your kids about Canadian money? Here’s a compilation of worksheets and tools for you to use. Money Manipulatives Printable Paper Coins – from Outta the Lines Teaching. Pennies to Toonies. Can be laminated for long term use, or cut and pasted as wanted. Learning Resources Canadian …

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Math-U-See Canada: A Review

Last year I began to notice that my son (now 7) was quite behind where he should have been, had he been in public school. Now, sometimes being behind isn’t that big of a deal, as homeschoolers, because the whole point is to go at the child’s pace. However, he was 2 years behind his peers. Math …

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Jump Math is a unique math program that is run as a charity instead of as a for-profit business. The creator of the series is Canadian John Mighton – who not only holds a Ph.D in Mathematics from U of T, but also is well-known as a playwright and author. Fully believing that every child can succeed …

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Unlock Math

Second generation Canadian homeschoolers with a passion for math, Alesia and Matthew Blackwood have been working hard to create an effective and easy-to-use math program for older students: Unlock Math.   Available right now are Pre-Algebra, along with Algebra 1 & 2. More programs are in the works: Geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus are coming soon. …

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Prodigy – A Math RPG Game Where Math Meets Fantasy.

Prodigy Game is an educational math RPG program that combines the fun of a Role Playing Game with the challenges of mastering math skills. The basic structure of the game is that you get to battle monsters using magic. In order to successfully hit your opponent, you need to answer a math question correctly. In …

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MathSmart Guides

MathSmart Parent Guides

If your child needs some extra practice or more lessons on a math subject, and you need some tools to help teach them, check out the MathSmart Guide series from Popular Book Company. Each grade level consists of two books – one for parents and one for the student. The student book is similar to …

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