QuickCheck Math – Revisited.

In August 2010, I went to a local homeschool book sale and had the chance to connect with a company called QuickCheck math that offers a hands-on creative fun way to reinforce math skills. This product is made by Kinesis Education (Brault & Bouthillier). Their sets are for Grades K through 3. They sent me […]


Chess’n Math Association

Have a chess lover? Want to expand on your kids’ chess skills? Here’s a Canadian association especially intended for young chess players – Chess’n Math. Here you can buy books on strategy, chess based puzzles and exercises,and other teaching resources. As you explore through the website , you’ll learn about clubs that might be close to you, chess competitions […]

Society for Quality Education

Society for Quality Education

One of the recommendations I received was for The Society for Quality Education. Mark referred to this site as being one of his “cherish Canadian resources”. This organization was founded by a collection of teachers and parents,etc – who had children in public school that had challenges ranging from reading issues to bullying. They did […]

Financial Guides for Kids

The Financial Guide – for Children

Published by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, this FREE series is age-appropriately geared to teach children about money, savings and how to stay out of debt – something our current society falls prey to so easily in our credit card accessible lives. Each of these guides are available in a .pdf format to […]